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Staten Island Council for Animal Welfare
In 1996, a low cost certificate program (Neuter Network) was established to promote affordable spay/neuter to encourage people to spay/neuter their pets and neighborhood strays.
Low cost spay/neuter certificate program administered by the Staten Island Council for Animal Welfare, Inc.
Pay less then half the price normally charged**.
Please do not allow your pet, or the strays you feed, to reproduce. Millions of innocent pets are put to death each year. Their crime: simply being born. Cost of certificates includes an examination, surgery and anesthesia. Vaccinations and/or medications, if necessary, are not included. There is an additional charge for dogs over 50lbs, for pregnant animals, for animals in heat, and for animals with medical complications. Certificates are good for sixty days. They are not replaceable or refundable. It takes 2 weeks to get certificate. Certificate should not be sent for until animal is 4 months old.
For further information call 718 356-2334.

**Not all hospitals honor free exam. May not be applicable for purebred animals. Please double check when you call for appt.**
Participating Veterinarians:

Staten Island:
Aadobe Animal Hospital
1409 Richmond Avenue 718-370-0700
Clinic at Country Estate Kennels
4838 Arthur Kill Road 718-356-0600 (male cats only)
Hylan Animal Hospital
1200 Hylan Boulevard 347-934-3377 (cats only)
Island Bird, Cat and Dog Vet Group
369 Manor Road 718-370-9472
Northside Animal Hospital
773 Post Avenue 718-981-4445 (no feral cats)
Rosebank Veterinary Practice
1230 Bay Street 718-273-9800
Staten Island Vet Group
3875 Victory Boulevard 718-370-0390

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To purchase a Neuter Network certificate:

**Prices vary for special services such as surgery for dogs over 50 lbs., pregnant animals, animals in heat, etc. Sometimes it is not possible to foresee existing complications prior to a medical examination. When possible, ascertain additional costs for which you will be responsible at the time you make your appointment. In any event, before you admit your pet for surgery you should receive an estimate of any additional fees.**
The fact that man knows right from wrong proves his intellectual superiority to the other creatures; but the fact that he can do wrong proves his moral inferiority to any creatures that cannot.
- Mark Twain
Founded 1972
Non-Profit Tax Exempt

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