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Staten Island Council for Animal Welfare

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continue our good work helping the homeless pets of Staten Island by making a tax deductible donation today.
Every dollar helps!!.

Founded 1972
Non-Profit Tax Exempt

Visit today to make a donation. Become a member and select Staten Island Council for Animal Welfare, and any time you make a purchase through iGive a donation will be made to help the animals.
Your favorite retailer is making the donation to us and you have fun shopping for you! allows SICAW to connect with prospective adopters throughout the country
Check out PetSmart for great prices on pet food and supplies. Thanks, PetSmart for giving our cats a temporary home!
Wolf's Pond Pooches is a dog owner's group devoted to the maintenance and renovation of Wolf's Pond Park dog run as well as other dog runs in the five boroughs.
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May all that have life be delivered from suffering
- Buddha
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