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Adoption Policy

You can fill out an application one of the following ways:

1. You can visit our Forms page to download an electronic application you can return, via email, fax or by mail.

 2. You can click on the following link to request that an application be sent to you via email: Request for Application.

 3. You can also visit the shelter in person at 380 N. Oak St.

If you are interested in a specific pet, please make a note of that on your application. You can not adopt until you have been notitified that you have been approved by the shelter. If you rent, the staff needs to verify that you are allowed to own a pet; therefore your landlord's phone number is required when filling out an application. If you have owned a pet, a vet reference is needed. We appreciate your cooperation.

Friends of the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter, through fundraising, has helped CBAS establish a program to assist in providing low cost spay/neuter services for new pet owners. All cats are spay/neutered prior to adoption. Dogs (if not already s/n) are scheduled for surgery on the day of adoption and the animal is transported to the participating veterinary hospital the following day. Owners are instructed to call the veterinarian for discharge information. Spay/neuter is mandatory for all animals. The new owner is responsible for the balance of the surgery.

Please contact the Shelter for the most up-to-date pricing on adoption fees.