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Application for Adoption

Our Adoption Requirements

  • All of our rescued friends are Indoor Companions only.

  • Applicant must be at least 21 years of age and live in the tri-state area.

  • A veterinarian reference is preferred, although we will adopt to first time parents provided you have great personal references.

  • A 'home visit' may be done prior to the final adoption of any of our wonderful, loving companions.

  • Our adoption fee is $250. The fee includes spay/neuter, being current on vaccinations, heartworm checked, special medical treatment when required, flea & heartworm prevention and grooming prior to adoption.

Did you know...

Top 5 reasons for dogs & puppies being abandoned at shelters:

  1. Didn't realize the work and expense involved in raising a dog.

  2. Didn't know Rover would get so big, slobber so much, nip the kids, cost money, bark a lot, steal food, shed all over the house, need to be exercised, etc. 

  3. Don't know how to prevent or fix behavior problems. 

  4. Person became divorced, sick, injured or death.

  5. Had to move to an apartment or house that doesn't allow dogs. 

So What's Next?

Once your application is reviewed by Shepherds' Hope, we require a phone interview and then will check your vet and personal references. A home visit will then be scheduled. Once all these requirements are met and if your application is accepted, you can then set up an appointment to meet the dog.

Please note that an application does not lock you into adopting nor does it guarantee that the adoption will proceed. It just helps us decide which of our available dogs will be right for your family.

Before you complete this application to adopt a rescue dog from Shepherds' Hope Rescue, please make sure that you and your family have carefully considered this decision.  Adopting a dog is a meeting of the heart as well as of the mind.  It is a lifetime commitment to an animal that will be your loving companion and your best friend.

If you should have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us before you complete the application.  Shepherds' Hope Rescue has only the best interest of the dogs in mind and sincerely wants to adopt the right German Shepherd to the right family. 

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.

  Please fill out the application in full.  All fields are REQUIRED.  We can not process incomplete applications.

Name of the dog you want to be considered for:

Your First and Last Name:





Email Address:

Home Phone:

Work Phone:

Cell Phone:

Our Rescue wants to adopt the right German Shepherd to the right family. Please take the time to tell us what personality traits you are looking for in a new dog. Even if you are applying for a specific dog, please provide us with a "wish List" of the characteristics describing the perfect dog for you.

Gender preference? Male  Female  Either

Color preference? Please check all that appeal to you.  Black & Tan Black Sable White Any Color

What age range would you like to adopt? Under 6 months 6 mo - 3 yrs 3-6 yrs 7 yrs and up Any Age

Would you consider adopting a high-mix breed German Shepherd?   YES  NO  MAYBE 

Are you aware that German Shepherds grow to be large dogs (55 - 100 lbs)?    YES  NO

Do you know that German Shepherds have a double coat and shed a lot?    YES  NO

Even if you are applying for an specific dog, please provide parameters such as temperament, fur type, etc...
... as well as what you do not want.

In general, what are you looking for in a dog?  What do you most like about this dog?

What do you like most about having a dog?  What do you like least?

For whom are you adopting this dog? 

Who will be the primary caregiver of the dog?  

General Information About You & Your Family

Your Occupation:

Your Employer and 
Employer Contact Information:

Complete Work Address:

Are you over 21?  YES  NO

About your home:  Type of residence:

If you rent, are you allowed to have a large breed dog?    YES  NO

Landlord Contact Information  

How long have you lived there?

Previous address and length of time you lived there?

Please list all persons living with you or visiting often (age and relationship).
For your peace of mind, you need only list ages of children and need not include their names.

If other children visit your home, list their ages and how often they visit:

Does anyone in the household have any animal allergies? YES  NO

Please list all companion animals currently living in this household:
(For each pet please provide info as to what kind of pet, what breed, size, gender, age.)

Are ALL  your current animals spayed or neutered? YES  NO
If not, why are they not ALL spayed or neutered?

What happened to the previous pets that you no longer own?  Please be specific. If deceased, please provide details.

Have you ever had to give up a pet?  (For example: Had to give away or take to a shelter) Please explain why and when.

Do you have a backyard?   YES  NO    If YES, is it enclosed?  YES  NO
If YES- What is the height of the fence and with what material is it made?

If NO-  How will you provide for the dog's exercise/bathroom needs? 

What is your household activity level?  Please elaborate.

Have you owned a German Shepherd Dog before?  YES  NO

Approximately how may hours a day are you gone?

Do you travel often?  YES  NO    If YES, who will care for your pet when you travel?

Approximately how may hours a day will your new dog be home alone?

Where will your new dog be kept during the day? 

And at night? 

Who will walk the dog and how often?

Who else will be spending time with your new dog? 

What sort of training do you plan on providing?

If a Shepherds' Hope representative could help you with your training, would you be interested?  YES  NO

Would you object to a visit to your home before and after the adoption is completed?    YES  NO

Can you financially afford to care for this dog?      YES  NO

If you should become ill, disabled, or died, who will care for this dog? (Please provide Name, Address & Phone Number)


Please list the name, email addresses and phone numbers (including area code) of 2 personal references, other than your veterinarian who are not related to you:

Reference #1

Reference #2

Who is your local veterinarian? 
Vet's Complete Address 
Vet Phone Number (including area code)
Vet records are under the name of

Are your pets current on all vaccinations?   YES  NO

Would your vet consider offering a discount to Shepherds' Hope on veterinary services for dogs in rescue?

How did you hear about the dogs you are applying for?

Do you understand that completion of this application does not guarantee that you will be approved to adopt a Shepherds' Hope Rescue dog?  Do you further understand that completion of this form is only the first step in the adoption process and that, should you wish to complete this process, an in-home screening will follow?  YES  NO

Do you understand that Shepherd's Hope requests a donation of an amount agreeable to both parties and that this donation is used to care for other German Shepherd Dogs at our rescue?  YES  NO

As part of the adoption process and before placing any dog, you will be asked to sign a contract in which you agree to certain conditions, such as allowing a Shepherds' Hope agent to visit your home prior to and after placement of the dog, and surrender back to Shepherd's Hope Rescue the dog if you violate the contract in any way.

Are you willing to sign and be bound by such a contract?     YES  NO

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.  Again, Shepherds' Hope Rescue has only the best interest of the dog's in mind and sincerely wants to adopt the right German Shepherd to the right family. Are there any other comments you'd like for us to consider when reviewing your application?  



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Submission of an application does not guarantee placement of a dog.

Please consider opening you home and heart to a wonderful German Shepherd.

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