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Angels in Waiting Rescue - NEW YORK

~ Foster Home Questionnaire ~ 

Bless you for your desire to welcome a rescue dog into your home until a wonderful forever home can be found!

  • All fosters must be at least 25 years of age.

  • Applicant must be on the lease or mortgage.

  • Renters are required to submit their lease showing the stipulations for pets and provide landlord contact information.

  • All Angles In Waiting Rescue dogs are indoor family companions.

  • Dogs are placed in NY, NJ and PA.

When finished CLICK SUBMIT AT THE BOTTOM of the form. Someone with Angels in Waiting Dog Rescue will get back to you as soon as possible.  Please keep in mind, though, that we are all volunteers and have full time jobs and families and many dogs to care for.

 Contact Information
Every field throughout the entire application must be completed.

Please check all that apply. I am willing to foster:
Adult Dog (less than 40 lbs) Adult Dog (more than 40 lbs)  A Puppy  More than one puppy   Pregnant/whelped with puppies

Your Full Name

Your Age 

Co-Applicant's Full Name

Co-Applicant's Age 





E-mail Address

Daytime Phone 

Please include area code.

Evening Phone

Include area code.

Cell Phone

Include area code.

How long have you lived at your current address? 

 Information About Your Home

Which of the following best describes your current residence? (Check one)
Single Family Home  Condo Apartment  Trailer/Mobile Home

Do you own or rent?  Own  Rent/Lease  Live with parents

If you are renting, please plan on providing us with a copy of the pet policy from your lease and providing the following information now:

Does your Landlord/Lease/Association or Parents allow pets?     Yes  No

Landlord's (or land owner's) name and phone number

Does your residence have a: (check all that apply) Fenced Yard  Dog Run  Dog Door   Stationary Tie Out   Dog House

If fenced please specify type and height of fence:  Type of Fencing (Materials)   Fence Height

Is fence secure?     Yes  No     Is gate padlocked?     Yes  No

If you do not have a fence, please explain how you will address your foster dog's exercise and bathroom needs, etc.

 Information About Your Household Members

Please list the people that currently live in your household or visit often.
(Please list relationship to you & their age.  We don't need the children's names.)

Does anyone in the household have any known allergies to animals?Yes No     If yes, please explain.

The noise/activity level in your home is usually:   Low  Medium  High

What size or what dog breeds have your children lived with?

 Your Experience With Animals

Please list any pets currently living in your household. (type, breed, age and gender)

Please tell us about previous pets you have owned over the last 10 years. (Provide details about type of pets, how many years you owned them, reason that you no longer have them)

Have you ever had any complaints about your pets?  Yes  No
If yes, please explain.

Are your current pets friendly with other animals? Yes  No  Not Applicable

Your new foster pet will take time to adjust to you, the new environment, other pets and new routines.  What do you consider to be a reasonable adjustment period? 

 Information To Match You With The Right Foster Animal

Have you have ever fostered an animal before?  Please tell us about your previous fostering experience.

Do you prefer to foster a male or female dog?    Male  Female  No Preference

Are there any limitations or preferences regarding breed, size, or age of the animal you would be willing to foster?  If so, please specify.

Are there any limitations regarding the length of time you can provide a foster home? 

Are you willing to foster an animal with medical needs? No  Yes

Are you willing to foster an animal in need of training?  No  Yes

Maximum number of hours your fostered pet will be left alone daily?

What provisions will be made for your foster when no one is home?

 Your Veterinarian

Please provide the following information so we can contact your current veterinarian.

Vet Name

Vet Address

FULL address please, including city and zip code.

Vet Phone

REQUIRED!  Please include area code.

Date, pet name and reason for most recent vet visit.

We reserve the right to check your status with your vet and to inspect all homes and yards prior to approving any new foster arrangement.
Is this okay?  Yes    No

Are your pets current on vaccinations?   Yes  No

Are ALL your pets spayed and/neutered?   Yes  No

Are your pets on heartworm preventative?   Yes  No
If Yes, what brand? 

 Please List 2 Personal References (unrelated to you)


Relationship To You

Evening Phone


Relationship To You

Evening Phone

 Almost Done!

All of the dogs in our program have undergone thorough temperament evaluations and have lived with foster families prior to their adoption. While in foster care, we begin training and work to resolve any behavioral obstacles before adoption. Generally we are only able to give you the dog's history from the time it enters our program. 

Are you able and willing to continue working on these challenges with us to ensure that your foster is all he or she can be in terms of being an adoptable canine companion and family member? Your comments are encouraged.    Yes  No

Are you familiar with crate training?  Yes  No  Would you like information about it?   Yes  No

Do you have a crate available for your foster dog?       Yes  No

Any other comments or questions you'd like to add?

How did you hear about us?  

Would you consider volunteering for our organization  Yes  Not At This Time
If yes, which of the following areas interest you?
Personal interviewing of adoption candidates   Fundraising   Home Visits
Transporting   Computer Assistance  Telephone calling  Representing us at an Adoption Event

I certify that the information I have provided on this form is true, correct, and accurate. I understand and agree that falsification of any of the above information is grounds to disqualify my foster application . I understand that there is no obligation to place an animal with me, now or in the future. I understand that clicking yes below is considered an electronically-generated signature and is valid as a means of legal signature for the purpose of this application to foster.     YES  NO

Clicking the Submit Button will return you to our website. 

Please do not click Submit more than once.

The application process may take a number of days, but we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Submission of this form does not guarantee placement of a foster dog.



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