Here is our adoption process........         After your application is approved, you will meet the pet.         If everyone feels that the pet may be a good match, we bring the pet to your home for a visit and see how he does in your environment.         You have 7 days to return the pet and get a full refund.                 We only adopt to Ohio residents
   We do not adopt to families with children under 5
   We do not adopt to adults under 25 years of age
   You must own your home
   Please answer all questions
   Name(s) of applicant(s):          
   Street address, city, zip code, county          
   Home phone          
   Cell phone          
   Email Address:          
   If you are interested in a specific pet, please list the pet's name and breed:          
   Type of pet you are looking for:      dog
   List of breeds preferred:          
   Age range:          
   Weight range:          
   Is this pet going to be a gift?      yes
   Reason for wanting a pet:      watchdog
   family pet
   child's pet
   companion for current pet
   Is this pet going to be an inside or outside pet?          
   What type of personality are you looking for in a pet?          
   How active a pet are you looking for?      couch potato
   slightly active
   playful, but mild mannered
   loves to get attention & play
   very active, loves running and playing
   non-stop, jumping & playing
   Have you or any members of your household been convicted of a crime against animals?      yes
   Ages of adults......... including yourself, and children in the home, and their relationship to you:          
   If you have children visit your home often, what ages are they?          
   Do all the adults in the home work full time outside of the home?          
   Do you feel confident that you will be healthy and able to care for a pet for it's life expectancy of 15-20 years?      no
   If you currently have pets in your home, please list their type, breed, ages, weights, and sex:          
   Please list past pets and what happened to them:          
   Name and phone number of veterinarian (current or past):          
   Name and home phone number of a personal reference who you don't mind us calling:          
   If this pet becomes ill or injured, are you financially able and willing and able to spend $500.00 or more for vet care?      no
   Does anyone in the household have allergies or asthma?      yes
   Which best describes your home?      house
   mobile home
   Do you rent?      yes
   Does your landlord allow pets?      yes
   Do you / will you have an enclosed fenced area? (We highly suggest at least a small fenced area outside one of your doors) We do not recommend invisible fence because: There are too many dogs in the pound with electronic collars Children have been bitten while playing with a dog which was shocked. Dogs have been stolen, injured or killed while within an invisible fence. Dogs must wear a pronged collar.      yes
   Describe the height and type of fence that you have:          
   If you do not have a fenced area, are you willing to fence a small area? If so, wht type of fence, how large an area, and how soon?          
   How do you plan to exercise the pet?          
   Who will be caring for the pet?          
   How many hours a day will your pet be home alone? If your pet will be alone more than 5 hours a day, with no other pet to keep him company, we suggest a dog at least 5 years old.          
   Where will you keep your pet while you are not home?          
   What arrangements will you be making when you take trips?          
   Do you have a swimming pool, and if so how will you protect your pet from drowning?          
   Why did you decide to adopt a pet?          
   Would you consider fostering a pet for a short time?