People sometimes think that if you don't raise a dog from a puppy, you'll only have problems. But this is not true. Adult dogs have alot to offer and still have many good years of life to live.

For one thing, an adult dog has settled down from puppyhood and might even have had some training already. If you've never had a puppy, you might not realize just how much energy he has. Keeping up with a puppy can be exhausting! Puppies demand alot of attention -- you can't turn him off or send him to his room to play after you have had a hard day. Another benefit of adopting an adult dogs is that they are past the destructive chewing stage.

Unlike a puppy, an adult dog is a "what you see is what you get" proposition. Most all pups are cute, cuddly, and passive, but some will grow up and stay that way, and others will not. An adult dog's personality is pretty much set, giving you a better handle on how well he'll fit into your household and whether or not he'll get along with any other pets. Since he's past the energetic phase of frantic puppy activity, a full-grown dog has a longer attention span which makes him easier to train.

One last thought about the "secondhand" dog: A dog of any age can be trained and will adapt to and be a loving, loyal companion for a new family. You really can teach an old dog new tricks!