Cat-Tales Rescue Adoption Application

1. - Email Address:

2. - Name
3a. - Street Address 3b. - City 3c. - State 3d. - Zip
4. - Home phone
5. - Work Phone
6. - Name of cat you are applying for(or 'purr'sonality you are looking for)

7. - List ages of any children living in your home or who visit frequently:

8a. - Do you have any other pets?
8b.If yes, list them(please list size/breed(s) and age(s)):

8c. - Would you consider adopting 2 kittens at the same time?
8d. - What happened to the pets that are no longer with you?(if you gave the animal away, please list why:moved, allergies in family, etc.)

9. - How many hours a day would the cat/kitten(s) be alone?
0-2 hours
2-4 hours
4-6 hours
6 or more hours

10. - Is the cat to be indoors only, indoor and outdoors or outdoors only? [If yes to outdoors, please explain: leash, free-roaming, enclosure]

11. - What plans do you have for the cats natural desire to scratch? [learn to clip the cats nails & train to scratch in appropriate areas, buy cat-tree/scratching posts, declaw, etc.]

12. - Why are you looking for a cat at this time?

13. - Who will care for your pet(relative, petservice, etc?) while your are on vacation, in the hospital or become unable to care for an animal in someway? [PLEASE remember that we would like the cat back IF you decide that you can no longer keep/care for the cat]

14. - Are their any people with allergies in your home, or any plans to move where you are not allowed to have pets? [As moving and allergies are the 2 most common reasons for animals being relinquished by their owners]

15. - Are you willing to sign a contract[Our contract states that the cat WILL come back to us if it does NOT work out; that you will have the cat spayed/neutered (if not already done); that representatives can do one or two home visits(at 2-3 & 4-6weeks post adoption) to see how the cat is adjusting][you are given a copy of the signed contract for your records, after the adoption, it is available for review upon visiting the animals]

16. - Do you own or rent your home?
16a. - If rent, please give your landlord.s name and phone number
16b. - If you rent, does your lease require extra fees/deposits?
16c. - Have you taken these fees along w/ long term cat care(they can live 15-20 years) into financial consideration?

17. - Name of veterinarian OR do you need a veterinarian reference?
Vet phone #
17a. - Name/Pet.s name on account at vet.s office

17b. - If you do NOT have a vet, please give us two personal references to contact:

18. - Anything else you want to tell us about yourself OR any questions you have for us?

Thank-you for taking the time to fill out this application! This helps us to find the RIGHT CAT(S) for your household. THANK-YOU for using PETFINDER