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  Welcome to the Northwest Ohio Siberian Rescue. If you are looking to adopt a Siberian Husky and would like to see who is currently available and located at the Rescue, click Currently Available. For a wide variety of information on Siberian Husky's check out our Links section. So you think a Siberian Husky is right for you? Click on the profiler and see. If you would like to learn as much as you can about Siberian Huskies you can check out The International Siberian Husky Club, Inc. presents The Siberian Husky volumes 1 at http://www.ishclub.org/1stedition.html and volume 3 at http://www.ishclub.org/3rdedition.html.
  If you would like to make a donation to help pay for the Veterinarian care such as spaying or neutering, heart worm testing and prevention, and vaccinations. Please click on the donation button above. All donations go to help pay for these necessary expenses and will allow us to continue to make a difference one husky at a time.