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Web-Posted Sep. 23, 2005 Shawnee News-Star
To the Editor:

About 40 of us are creating a non-profit organization called S.P.A.R. (Saving Pets At Risk). We have identified 10 objectives and hope to be operational by this time next year.

Basically, we are working toward a no more homeless pets program in Shawnee. Most of you know that we have a serious problem of stray homeless pets wandering helpless and hopeless throughout our community.

The main reason for this is that many pet owners in our town do not neuter or spay their pets, they are discarded or run away. They create generations of puppies and kittens who are starved, run over or gassed in our animal control building.

We currently kill more than 1,600 dogs and cats per year. That is an average of about five per day. We will establish a foundation to educate the citizenry, provide a sanctuary and provide an adoption center.

One of the goals of S.P.A.R. is to involve as many responsible pet guardians and others interested in solving the problem as possible. These animals are intended to be our companions -- not cast off and abandoned.

Wes Beck