Consider Fostering A Pet...

Are you interested in fostering a dog or cat? Foster homes provide food, shelter, toys, and most importantly love to their foster animals. Since we do not have a shelter, we rely on our foster homes until our animals can be adopted. Fostering is typically a commitment of a couple weeks to several months until a permanent home is found.

Some of our wonderful pets are very shy and need TLC. As you no doubt know, we often rescue animals from abusive situations, and these animals need to have human affection to overcome their fear of humans.

This is your chance to make a real difference in these animals' lives. Without you, they will become a part of the terrible statistics of the killing of innocent pets.

As a foster parent, is it hard to give them up when they are wanted by an acceptable adopting home? Sure. But it is also a great feeling that you are helping this wonderful animal become an important and loved member of the adopting family. A little pain at parting. A lot of pleasure in knowing you have made a difference! And another life is saved!

To become a foster parent for SPAR, the first step is to fill out a Foster Parent Application. To Download a Foster Application click here You can fill it out and save it to your computer and than attach it to your email. Please contact Kay & Paul Heinz for more details or to email your completed Foster Application at : Or call (405) 702 SPAR 7727 Option 2

Once the application is completed and reviewed, an in-home interview will be scheduled. The purpose of this interview is to assure each of our pets is placed in a proper living environment. Please understand we're not looking for your house to be spotless, as we know well ourselves that it's hard to keep a house clean with pets or children. We make sure there is adequate space for larger pets, fenced-in yards are recommended although not required, as well as being aware of potential conflicts with other animals or small children in the home.

Once a pet is placed in a foster home, all that is required of the foster family is to provide food, shelter, and all the love and attention you can give each pet. Training and socialization is strongly encouraged as it improves the pet's chances for adoption.

SPAR assumes all responsibility for veterinary care, to include immunizations and routine medications, as well as emergency veterinary care. All arrangements for veterinary care must be made with a SPAR officer before the pet is treated.

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