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The word SPAR is an acronym for Saving Pets At Risk. Like the boom and masts (spars) on a sailing ship, which support the rigging and sails that provide the power required by the vessel as it moves through the water…..the organization SPAR supports activities like spaying and neutering clinics, adoption fairs, foster homes, sponsoring, volunteering, fund raising and donating which are responsible for our success...........Wes Beck

Saving Pets At Risk, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3), charitable rescue corporation receiving tax-deductible contributions dedicated to finding homes for homeless and abandoned animals in Shawnee, OK and surrounding areas.

We hope to improve the quality of life for feral cats, which includes getting them spayed or neutered, tested for FIV/FELV, fully vaccinated, and relocated where there is safety for them. At this time, SPAR, Inc. is limited to finding homes for dogs and cats that are being cared for in foster homes. It is our goal to eventually branch out and rescue from local animal shelters but that will require more foster help and better funding.

Saving Pets At Risk Board of Directors

President ~ Roberta Wortham
Vice-President ~ Carol Currie
Treasurer ~ Martha Totten

Other Officers

President ~ Joann Roberson
Vice President ~ Carol Currie
Intake/Foster Director dogs ~ Sherry Claybrook ~ E-mail: sdcrealtor@aol.com
Feline Director - Carol Currie ~ E-mail: cacurrie1@sbcglobal.net
Web Master - Patty Trammell ~ E-mail: savingpetsatrisk@yahoo.com

2006 Saving Pets At Risk

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