FFHS Adoption Application

Name of the pet you are applying for:
Full Name:
Driver's License Number/State:
Age of person filling out application
Children Yes No
if yes, ages:
Phone Number/Cell/Work:
Is this pet for you or someone else?

If for someone else, explain who and reason:

Will you allow FFHS representative to do home check? Yes No
Do you: Rent Own
If you rent, are dogs/cats allowed? Yes No
If renting, please provide name and phone number of landlord:
Do you have a secure fence? Yes No
Have you had dogs/cats before? Yes No
Have you ever had to give up a dogs/cats? Yes No
If yes, for what reason?

Where will you keep your pet during the day?
At night?
How many other pets do you have and what are they?
Do you plan to declaw if adopting a cat? (understanding that the process is cutting off the first digit of the toe NOT the claw) Yes No
Do you understand that declawing can cause severe behavioral issue? Yes No
Are you willing to sign a contract stating that you will NOT declaw the cat you are adopting? Yes No
Who is your Vet?
Please include address and phone number.
If pet is not under your name, please provide name of record holder.
Have you spoken with an FFHS representative about the pet you are applying for? Yes No
Please indicate the name of the FFHS representative.