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Contact The Cat Shack by E-mail at You may apply on-line using the application link above. There is no fee or obligation to adopt at the time of application. If you choose to adopt a house cat, we request a $85 adoption donation to help defray our expenses.

Applicants are asked to supply a vet reference, a personal reference and to list all current and former pets. Our goal is to match you with the right pet so you will both be happy for the remainder of your new pet's long and happy life. Remember- cats often live into their 20s and become very attached to their families. We have seen cats literally pine to death when dumped at a shelter by their long-term caretakers. Adopting is quite a commitment.

An adoption donations of ONLY $85 for house cats and kittens
is requested. Barn cats may be adopted for free, with an approved
application. This $85 donation includes (Typical vet costs in our area):

  1. a FeLV/FIV test (a $35 value)
  2. Spay/Neuter for all cats and kittens(a $120-$150 value)
  3. Worming and flea treatment (a $16 value)
  4. All required vaccinations (a $30 value)

Clearly this adoption fee does not begin to cover even the standard vet work our rescued cats receive and many also require non-routine work. We appreciate any and all donations. This is what help keeps us in the business of helping strays.

A standard legal contract of adoption will be completed at the time of adoption. Any animal adopted from The Cat Shack that cannot be kept for any reason must be returned to the rescue.

The agreement included a clause that you will not declaw a cat adopted from The Cat Shack. Declawing is a painful and unnecessary amputation of the first joint of the paw that can cause litterbox problems and behavioral issues. Declawing has been banned in Europe where it is recognized as an act of cruelty. We would be happy to send you information explaining why we oppose this damaging procedure or please read the information we have about declawing. If you wish to adopt an already declawed cat we have many waiting.

In some cases we assist pet owners who are adopting out their pet directly from their home by listing the pet for them on our pet list web page. In such cases the name of the pet will be followed by an * and the pets description will indicate that the pet is being adopted directly from it's present owner. In those cases you will deal directly with the pet's owner. Contact information for these adopt from owner pets will be included in their description. In cases of direct adoptions from an owner, the terms of adoption will be dictated by the owner, not The Cat Shack.

Come Visit Us!

There are no specific shelter hours because our animals are housed in foster homes rather then a central shelter. Adoptions are by appointment only.

The Cat Shack
P.O. Box 950
Trexlertown, PA 18087-0950


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