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It may take several days for the vet to get back to you. If this is a medical emegency or serious ailment, please contact your local veterinarian immediately.

"Ask The Vet" is free service where you get to ask our resident veterinarian any question at all regarding your pet(s), animals or even veterinary medicine. We'll post various questions and answers each month and we'll also list information regarding some common ailments and suggestions for treatment. This forum serves to inform pet owners about the health and welfare of their pet(s) and in no way whatsoever should take the place of visiting your local veterinarian. Since it is impossible to provide answers based upon complete factual data, such as Physical Exam and Laboratory work, answers may not serve as a Therapeutic recommendation for your pet(s). You should always consult your local veterinarian in case of any emergency or serious ailment.

Disclaimer: This page and all of its content is for entertainment purposes only. By reading this statement, you agree to indemnify and hold The Cat Shack, Inc. harmless for any suits and costs arising as a result of the publication of these questions and answers in addition to any sicknesses, births, deaths, and any other life-threatening ailment to your pet(s) occurring as a result of you reading this material.




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