Barn Cat Adoption

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In addition to placement of sociable cats and kittens, The Cat Shack also seeks to place feral and unsociable cats in qualified barn homes. Like our house cats, our barn cats are delivered to their new homes by a volunteer. We provide our barn cats with a cozy "cat condominium" to live in for the first few weeks of life in their new location. The crate allows the cats to acclimate to their new home without the danger of having them run away in search of their old stomping grounds. We are willing to go to great lengths for our cats - quite literally! We will gladly travel to approved barn homes within a 125 mile radius of Allentown, PA to deliver our helpful mousers.

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Please describe those pets that are currently with you (type, age, sex, altered status, how long owned).
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Do you understand that barn cats adopted through The Cat Shack must receive vaccinations as required by State law?
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How did you hear about The Cat Shack?

By submitting this form I authorize my veterinarian to release to The Cat Shack information about my veterinary records of any and all animals I own or have owned. I also certify that all the information in the application is true and correct and I understand that false information may void the application. Approved applicants will be contacted by a Cat Shack representative.


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