What does it mean to be a foster parent?

Well, it means bringing an unwanted or homeless cat/kitten into your home and providing food, love and playtime. Then when the cat/kitten is ready to go to their forever home, you give them one last kiss and send him/her on their way. It's the most wonderful feeling to see a scared, scraggly cat/kitten turn into a loving, beautiful baby ready for a life of love and

Becoming a foster parent for a cat/kitten is very rewarding and enjoyable, but it is also a big responsibility and should not be taken lightly. The most important factors to consider before deciding to foster is: Do you have the time and resources for this cat/kitten that will rely on you for food, love and socialization?

Things to consider before fostering a cat or kittens:

1. We recommend that foster cats be housed in their own room or area, away from existing pets. This allows your foster cats to be socialized properly without causing stress to your current pets. We do provide cages as required, litterboxes and access to food donations made to The Cat Shack.

2. Do you have time to feed, change litter boxes and socialize your fosters?

3. Will you be wiling to take time to show your fosters to potential adopters, either by bring the cats to adoption days on weekends or permitting people to meet them in your home?

If you answered yes to all three, you are ready to foster!

The Cat Shack provides:
1. All cats are FeLV/FIV tested and given appropriate veterinarian treatment (inoculations, deworming and flea treatment) for their ages prior to going to a foster home.

2. The Cat Shack will cover all medical expenses the cats might incur while in your foster care- but keep in mind that the cats must be brought to approved vets that work with our rescue group so we can keep costs down.

3. The Cat Shack will screen prospective adopters and set up adopter visits, home visits and the cat's delivery to their new homes. Foster parents are welcome to participate as much as they like in the process!

4. Foster parents can adopt their foster cats if they fall in love.

Remember, fostering is a big job but with a very rewarding ending.

Please read some notes from our foster parents:

Adopted: Heman, Thor, Conner, Sierra, Danielle, Riley and Courtney
Current: Georgie, Frankie and Teddy

Being a foster parent gives me the best feeling. I know that my my foster babies are safe with me rather than dead on the side of the road (sorry to be blunt.) They will be able to experience all the love and fun they deserve in life. And I gave that to them. What a feeling!

Theresa and Jake
Adopted: 2 feral kittens Albert and Merlot 7 years ago in April
Fostered: too many to list over the course of the last 4 years, with two "failed" fosters (Judge and Horst) who are now part of the family.

We started fostering a few little kittens that needed socialization-between work, our own pets and these little guys it seemed like a burden at first. Then we saw progress, the little hissers started to purr, and what once felt like a burden became a wonderful experience!

When it came time to place "Our" fur balls in their new homes, it was admittedly very difficult to see them go. However, when you get the e-mails and pictures from their new families, and you see your former fosters become the pride and joy of loving owners, you know you are doing something special.

It's WELL worth the time and the effort. Just think; you can help far more animals through fostering then you can by personally adopting.

If you would like to foster kittens or cats, please email CatShack@ptd.net.

Thank you - you are saving a life!



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