A Special Thank you to some VERY Special People

Donations are the only way our organization can continue saving feral and stray cats. We could not save as many cats as we have without their generous donations. We cannot thank you enough.

From the volunteers and the cats - Thank you so much! You truly are wonderful people.

"Pfizer has donated a generous amount of
Clavamox, an antibiotic we often use in treating
upper respiratory and other infections. We also
received a supply of antibiotic opthalmic
ointment which is wonderful for treating eye
infections. Thank you again, Pfizer!"

"Feliway has donated a dozen bottles of the feliway spray. We are now able to give samples to future parents to make the kitties transition to the new home easier. Thank you again, Feliway!"

We would like to thank Friskies for their generous food donation- their donation (along with many smaller donations from individuals) help us to continue our work to feed our rescued strays as well as help feed managed feral colonies. Thank you again, Friskies!"


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For more information on our services, please e-mail us at: catshack@ptd.net