I live out of state. Can I still adopt from BCHS?

Yes, BCHS accepts applicants from outside of Bradford County, including out of state residents. 

If I adopt when can I bring my new pet home?

There is usually not a waiting period. If an applicant meets all of the qualifications at the time of the adoption, your new pet can go home with you the same day.

How much does it cost to adopt a pet? 

Please see "How to Adopt" under the "Adopt" menu at left.

Can I get a dog or cat as a gift for someone?

BCHS does not allow “gift” adoptions. The adopted pet is the sole responsibility of the adopter. By adopting a shelter animal the adopter agrees to not give the pet away. It is difficult to judge what animal will be the right choice for someone else. If you would like to give a pet as a gift you can purchase a BCHS gift certificate to go towards a pet adoption. This way the adopter can choose what pet would be best for them.

Adopters must be over 18.

I am moving and I can not take my adopted a pet with me. What should I do?

If you are faced with a situation where you can no longer keep your pet, call the shelter manager immediately at 570-888-2114. The adoption agreement states the animal is to be returned to the shelter and NOT given away. 


My adopted dog is now showing problem behaviors. How can I get help?

Before returning your dog to the shelter, we encourage you to talk with our staff and go to our resources page for useful tips to curb unwanted behavior. 

Why do I have to get my adopted pet spayed/ neutered?

Pennsylvania law requires any animal adopted from an animal shelter or humane society be spayed or neutered, either before adoption or within a set time limit after adoption. Spaying and neutering is the number one thing pet owners can do to help reduce pet overpopulation and reduce the number of unwanted pets.

Is BCHS a “No Kill” shelter?

BCHS is a low kill shelter, which means BCHS is an open admission shelter, accepting animals regardless of their breed or age. We accept strays from Bradford and Sullivan Counties. No-kill shelters are generally limited admission, only admitting highly adoptable animals. Once they are at capacity, they do not accept more animals, so there is no place for strays to go. We also work with breed rescue groups to find homes for as many pets as we can. As long as pet owners fail to take responsibility for spaying and neutering their pets, there will continue to be a need for open admission shelters.

How long does BCHS keep an animal that is brought to the shelter?

The answer is surprising to a lot of people. While many shelters give animals a certain time to be adopted, BCHS does not give any animal a time limit. Some animals stay only a few days or weeks before they are adopted, others have been at the shelter for over a year. Tierra, a Boston Terrier mix spent a year at the shelter before she was adopted in 2007, and Cassie, a tortoiseshell cat, spent over two years here before being adopted in 2006. We are required by law to hold all canine strays for 48 hours to give their owners time to locate them, after the 48 hour waiting period they are available for adoption.

Why doesn't BCHS pick up stray dogs?

BCHS provides temporary shelter and care to homeless or abandoned animals and investigates cases of animal cruelty and neglect. BCHS does not pick up stray dogs. This is handled by the Pennsylvania Dog Warden. To report stray dogs in your area please call the Dog Warden at 570-350-1564 or your local police dept.

How is BCHS funded?

While our name is Bradford County Humane Society, we are a private, non profit animal shelter. Roughly 80% of our funding is from donations and the support from our community. These donations have helped BCHS continue to provide services and programs for unwanted, abandoned animals since 1960.

How can I become a BCHS volunteer?

Orientation is required to be a volunteer. At orientation you will learn a variety of ways you can make a difference in your community and help shelter animals. New volunteers will learn about a variety of shelter programs and services, tour the shelter, meet a shelter animal and learn how to socialize the animals at the shelter. You will also learn more about animal cruelty in our community. Register in advance by calling the BCHS Community Coordinator at 570-888-2114. Space is limited. 

What is considered animal abuse or neglect?

See BCHS Services/Humane Investigations

If you did not find the answer to your question here, email your question to or call the shelter at 570-888-2114.