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Hi, I'm Tina! I'm a friendly adult female cat. I love attention and will follow you around for company, but I'm not fond of being picked up. When I have a family I am comfortable with, I would probably snuggle with them on the couch. Other cats annoy me, so I would prefer being the only cat in the household. I'm quite pretty, with eyes that blend in perfectly with my fur, and I have a cute freckle right in the center of my nose. If you are looking for a quiet, mellow and affectionate companion, come adopt me! Posted 9-18-17.



Hello, I'm Angel. I'm a sweet and friendly adult female Pit Bull mix. I'm quiet, I'm house trained and I know sit. I walk OK on a leash but I need more training. I'm playful and I seem to get along with other dogs. I'm an all around nice girl and I would fit in well in any kind of family. Come meet me and I'll show you what a sweetheart I am! Posted 9-18-17.

Handsome Rob


Hello, I'm Handsome Rob! I'm not bragging, that's my name. I'm a mellow and lovable adult neutered male cat. I like to give hugs and would be happy to cuddle with you on the couch. I'm not particularly playful - I just like to lie around and bask in my awesomeness. I'd be a great addition to any family, so come adopt me! Posted 9-11-17.



Hi, I'm Bull! I'm a quiet and cheerful 2-3 year old male Pit Bull mix. I have lots of enthusiasm and play like a puppy. I know sit, I politely accept treats and I keep my kennel clean. I need a strong handler to teach me leash manners and continue to work with me on training. I will bond strongly with my owner and need to be carefully introduced to other members of my new family. Once I understand who my pack is, I will be very protective of them. I need a home with no other pets. Seriously, I'm not kidding. No other pets. And no small children, either. I am eager to be a loyal and loving companion for the right family. If you think it might be you, come meet me! Posted 9-11-17.



Hi, I'm Brodi. I'm a sweet and mellow senior Hound mix looking for a nice retirement home. I'm pretty sure I am house trained and I behave pretty well on a leash. I hardly ever bark. Since I'm an older gentleman, my hearing and vision aren't so good. The nice people here give me medicine for my joints, and I can trot along fine, but I would appreciate a home where I don't have to climb more than a few stairs. Although I get along great with people of all ages, I'd prefer a home with no small children who might jump on me. I'd fit in great with any kind of family. How about a nice retired person who can relate to my slower pace, or maybe someone who just appreciates a dog like me with a lot of experience? I have such sad eyes. Could someone please adopt me and make me happy again? Posted 9-6-17.



Hello, I'm Spicey! I'm a friendly adult spayed female cat. I'm an independent kind of girl - sociable but not into cuddling. Other cats annoy me, so I am looking for a home where I am the only cat. But seriously, if you have me, you won't need any other cats. Adopt me and I will keep you company, catch mice and supervise household activities as needed. Posted 9-6-17.



Hello, I'm Manny, an adult male Cocker Spaniel mix. I'm happy and friendly and I have lots of energy. I especially like playing with toys and I love splashing in the dog pool in the shelter back yard. I'm pretty sure I am house trained. I know sit and I behave well for someone who is firm with me. I need a strong and consistent leader or I will think I am in charge of the household. If you are looking for an enthusiastic best buddy who happens to love a nice squeaky ball, I volunteer for the job. Posted 8-7-17.



Hello, I'm Confetti. I'm a gorgeous, social and affectionate adult spayed female cat. I love people and will follow you around for attention, and I would probably like to snuggle with you on the couch. However, I don't like to be picked up, so I would prefer a home with no small children. I love to sit by the window and watch the world outside. I'm playful and I get along great with other cats. I don't need much. I am just looking for a home with a sunny windowsill and some nice people to pay attention to me. Do you know a place like that? Posted 8-2-17.



Hi, my name is Philly! I'm approaching my first birthday and have spent most of my life here at the shelter. I think nobody has picked me because I am shy with new people. I promise, once I get to know you, I am very loving and affectionate and give nice hugs and kisses. I'm also very playful and full of fun. I get along great with other cats and would be happy to share a home with some. I think small children are kind of scary, so I'd prefer a home with only older children. I'm already spayed and am waiting for a nice patient family to come adopt me. Give me a chance and I will bring lots of love and laughter into your life! Posted 7-25-17.

Kaboodles of Kittens


It is kitten season at BCHS and there are lots of kittens just like us waiting for a nice family to come take us home. We are adorable and cuddly and loving, playful and full of energy and ready for action. We come in any color you want as long as it is black & white or tiger. Come adopt one or two of us and we will brighten your life with affection and entertainment Posted 7-12-17.



Hi, I'm Chief, a 8 year old neutered male Lab - Pit Bull mix. I'm a happy-go-lucky, mellow boy. I know sit, I behave well on a leash, and I'm pretty sure I'm house trained. I will bark to let you know I need to go out, but other than that, I'm quiet. I like to be with people all the time and do not like being left outside alone. I'm reserved at first, but I like almost everyone. I'm an older dog, so I would prefer not to be around small children who might be rough with me. I'm eager to bond with a new person and be a loyal best buddy. Posted 7-12-17.



Hello, I'm Gilligan! I am a super happy, sweet and loving boy with lots of puppy left in me. I'm enthusiastic and playful and ready for action. I love belly rubs and car rides. I think I'm pretty close to being house trained, so it shouldn't take to long to finish that up. I know sit, but I still need to learn to walk on a leash. I'm looking to be a loyal sidekick to a new "Skipper" who will spend time training and hanging out with me. Are you looking for a lovable and handsome boy like me? I'd be a great addition to any kind of family. Posted 7-3-17.


pic pic

Hi, I'm Greta! I'm an adult female Terrier mix. It takes me a little while to warm up to new people, but after I know you, I am a total sweetheart. I love attention and belly rubs. If you stop petting me too soon, I'll bat your hand with my paw to let you know you aren't finished yet. I'm playful and I love to carry toys around, especially my red Kong bone. I might need just a little work to finish house training. I behave very well on a leash and I know sit and heel. I like other dogs and would be fine with older kids. I'm small enough to sit on your lap and I love going for walks. It you are looking for a super affectionate and loving companion, I'm your girl. Posted 7-3-17.



Hi, I'm Butterfinger. I'm a 1. 5 year old spayed female cat with gorgeous blue green eyes. I'm not cuddly, but I like to be petted. I'm the kind of cat who likes to approach people for attention, then leave when I've had enough. I might take a while to get comfortable in a new home, so I need a patient family. I always seem to have a sad expression on my face, but I'm not sad, I'm just a nice quiet and mellow kitty looking for a new home. Posted 7-3-17.



Hello, I'm Rocco, an adult male Lab - Rottweiler mix. I'm a friendly, happy and energetic boy looking for a new person to bond with. I'm house trained, I know sit and down, and I'm an excellent watchdog. I like to ride in a car and play with toys and I behave well on a leash for a firm handler. I need a home with no kids, cats, or dogs. I would be happy with a couple who has time to play and work with me. I would also be a loyal and loving best friend and wingman for a person who lives alone. I just want to be loved. Posted 7-3-17.



My name is Margarita. I was really shy when I arrived at BCHS, but I have warmed up a lot and now I enjoy being petted. I will take a while for me to get comfortable in a new home, but if you are patient I will reward you with loving affection. I'm really not fond of living with all these other cats, so just getting out of here will really cheer me up. I'm very laid back and not especially active. To tell you the truth, I'm pretty much of a couch potato. I'd be the perfect companion for an older person who just wants lazy, mellow company. I'm already spayed and ready to go, all you need to do is come adopt me! Posted 5-22-17.



Hello, my name is Maria. I'm a senior spayed female cat. I'm quiet and have a mellow, low energy personality. As you can see, I'm very pretty, and I mostly just like to lie around and look decorative. I tolerate other cats, but would really prefer to be the only cat in the family. I like to be petted when I'm in the mood, and I'll let you know if I'm not in the mood. I'm not a lap cat, either. I'm an independent kitty who would be happy in a quiet retirement home with no kids. I'd also be a good choice for someone who works a lot of hours but wants some undemanding company when they are home. You'll really hardly notice that I'm around. Posted 4-25-17.

Mary Beth


Hi, I'm Mary Beth! I came to BCHS a few months ago with my 4 brothers. They were all adopted, but I am still waiting for a home. I'm affectionate, I like attention, and I have super soft fur. I'm very playful and I get along great with other cats, especially my best buddy Philly (hint, hint). I'm about 6 months old and already spayed. I would be the perfect addition to your family, so come take me home! Posted 4-17-17.



Hello, my name is Mischief. I came to BCHS with my brothers Critter, Squirt and Boots when our owner passed away. We're all adult neutered male cats and we have been waiting for new homes since November. We were all nervous when we first arrived here and will probably be shy for a while in a new home, so plan to be patient with us. We are all friendly and calm and we get along great with other cats. I'm sociable but a little bit independent. I like to be petted and brushed when I am in the mood, and when I've had enough I will politely walk away. I'll sit on a lap for a while, and I might occasionally bat a toy around. Mostly, I am just quiet, low key company. As you can see, I am a handsome fellow, too. If you are looking for a nice, mellow buddy, come adopt me! Posted 3-20-17.



Hello, I'm Boots! I'm an adult neutered male cat who came to the shelter with my brothers Mischief, Critter and Squirt when our owner passed away. I was nervous here at first, but now I see that the people are nice and I am relaxed and comfortable. I've heard the staff say that I'm a real sweetheart. I love people and I get along great with other animals. I can be playful and I'm very sociable. If you sit down in the free roam cat room, I will come over to say hi. I like to be petted and I'm a big honey bear. I am great company and would be a wonderful addition to your family. Reposted 1-31-17.

Spayed and Neutered Cats

Our free-roam cat room is full of affectionate cats just waiting for a new home. All are litterbox trained, spayed or neutered, and get along with other cats. Come visit, have a seat in one of the chairs, and see which cat picks you.