Happy Endings


Hi everyone! I'm sure you remember me as I was just adopted last week plus how could you forget a cute face like mine! This is Diva and in case you have forgotten me my owner attached a photo of me (on her good chair which has now become MY chair, how can she say "No" to me????). In case you were wondering I am very happy in my new home and have adjusted very well. To say the least I am spoiled. The humans are very nice to me but the cats are questionable, although I haven't seen much of them because they are hiding in the laundry room and won't come out. I just don't understand them, I want to play and they take great offense to that. They hiss at me and puff their fur up but that doesn't discourage me from trying to pursuade them to play, don't they know what a nice girl I am? Oh well....they will come around eventually. I am proud to say that I am 100% potty trained now and have only had 2 or 3 "accidents" in the house and those happened the first day I was here. I am such a good dog that my owner can leave me alone in the house while she goes to work and I don't chew on anything or make any kind of mess. Luckily my owner works mostly from home so she doesn't have to leave me much. I have a 11 year old human sister who I think is the bomb...I even let her paint my toenails hot pink. We go for walks together everyday, even in the rain and I am up to a mile at a time. I'll admit the first couple of walks wore me out but I am getting used to them and beg at the door when I feel it is time to go for one. I have been visiting a lot of humans and my grandparent's have a Weimaraner named Winnie that has become my best doggie friend. We play together for hours. I almost forgot to tell you....guess where I get to sleep? Either on my mom's or my sisters pillow, covered in a blanket because my ears get cold from the air conditioning. My mom bought me a HUGE kennel and 2 dog beds but I prefer the beds. The humans say I snore but have they heard themselves???? Geez!!! I also get to go into Tractor Supply to pick out my own harness and toys. I behave myself and I am anxious to go back. Bad news though.....I am getting "fixed" on September 1st and I must say I'm a little nervous about the surgery and spending the night away from my humans but mom says it will be fine and she will be there first thing the next morning to pick me up.
Well, I guess that is enough of an update for now. I am so glad mom picked me instead of Duece although I do wish Duece all the luck in finding his forever home and family. Thanks for taking such good care of me for so long, I hope I wasn't a bother. Please say "Hello" to all my friends at the shelter and continue with the awesome, thankless job all of you do everyday. We (the animals) appreciate it. See you soon! Love, DIVA

Posted 8-18-11


Renny thinks he's a cat - stretched out on the back of the loveseat - pillow pup!

We just adopted Renegade last weekend. He is doing very well and fits in with our family like he has been with us for years already. We could not ask for a better more loving dog to become part of our family :) We ♥ him so much!!!!

Lucy (formerly Elsa)

We adopted Lucy (who used to be named Elsa) on July 3, 2010. We have had many dogs over years, but she is the sweetest, most loving, most eager-to-please dog ever! She was at the shelter for 5 months, and she is so incredibly grateful to be living in our home with us!

We had just put our 14 year old lab to sleep, and we needed her to help us with our grief just as much as she needed us.

THANK YOU for everything you do and for taking such good care of our special girl while she was with you!

Posted 5-23-11


We adopted Bailey from you on Feb.11,2009. He is the best dog and brings joy to everyone that knows him. We were so lucky to have found him and Thank You for all of the care you give to the animals.

Posted 5-6-11

Esther Update

Last Saturday made 6 weeks already that we adopted Esther.  She is fitting in perfectly.  It has been 4 weeks since any seizures, hopefully the medication will do its job and minimize them.
Our other 2 dogs (13 and 14 years) are not much for playing, so last week Esther started daycare on Thursdays with my sister's 4 year old golden retriever.  She had a blast.  
We also had our first obedience class last week, she is doing very well.
The picture they I attached is of her being nosy, checking out the hot tub.  She actually climbed the stairs to look in!
Hope all is well there and we feel very lucky to have found Esther.
Dianne & Rick Dufresne

Posted 5-6-11


Here are the pictures you requested of Baby.  She is doing wonderfully- she has gained weight and is even learning how to play with toys.  I bought her a stuffed football over the weekend which is her new favorite.  She just loves being an inside dog- she is so happy to sit on the couch with us or lay in her bed.  We are so happy to have adopted her and we thank you all for taking care of her. 

Posted 4-26-11


Esther is fitting in well. She is very sweet and loving. Getting along good with both Molly and Shelby, and the cats. She loves going to work with me and is a perfect office dog. I am having trouble getting good pictures. I'm attaching one that is from last Sunday of her hanging out in the kitchen while we were cooking dinner.

We are going to take her to a dog walk in May to raise money for the Douglas Dog Orphans.

We will keep you posted and try to get more pictures. We are very happy we found her. We received your thank-you card this week, that was nice. We still would like you to keep the $100 deposit to put towards helping someone else.

Thanks again Rick, Dianne, Ester, Shelby, Molly, George and Gracie

Here are a couple of pictures of Esther with my husband, Rick, Molly (black) and Shelby (yellow).  It is really hard to get 3 dogs to look good at the same time.  As you can tell., Esther really likes Rick.
We are installing invisible fence for her, so she can just hang out in the yard with the rest of the girls.  This weekend we let her hang out with a 30 ft leash attached, she did stay close to us and the dogs.
We are enjoying her immensely,  she makes me laugh all the time.  I'm not used to having a younger dog.
Thanks again, will send more pictures as we get them.

Posted 4-5-11


Just an update on Maisy....from the photo you see she was groomed. Actually not knowing her history my groomer said she was very good considering how broken her fur was. Which again diet was the culprit to make her fur that way. Hopefully with the fish oil and Wellness food she is given this will improve greatly.
Her surgery to remove her eyes is next Wednesday the 23rd. Dental went well. She lost 16 teeth and now that her mouth is pain free we need to get the eyes next. Her pressures were 80 now 65 and that is with medication, still too high. My hope is that once she has the eyes removed and is pain free her life will be hers again to embrace and be a dog.
I will be in touch after the surgery with an update. Again....thanks for everything!
Take care.....Lu Lu

Posted 3-19-11

Doolin Makes News Again

Guthrie News-Leader 3-2-11:

Soary Update (formerly Sorry)

He is a giant love-bug and has been such a joy to us this last year. Soary is completely integrated into our hearts and home. He now has a "pup" to care for in the form of our grandaughter, Joanna. The two of them are best friends and Soary seems to understand his guardian duties quite well.  What a blessing he is.  Best dog-gone-dog int the whole dog-gone world! Best dog-gone-dog in the whole world.

Posted 2-26-11

Doolin Update

From Denise Corley, on Facebook: Just wanted to let you know that Doolin (formally Kingsley adopted 8/06) is the NUMBER TWO CPE Agility Dog for 2010. Every day with Doolin is a joy, every run with him is a thrill. He has excelled beyond our wildest dreams. Thank you BCHS for giving me another shining star.

Posted 2-16-11

Jessie, formerly Justina

We just wanted to send you a photo of Justina aka "Jessie" the dog we adopted from you on December 18th, 2010 (and subsequently brought back a few days later!) then re-adopted. As you can see, Jessie is loving her new life. She's turned out to be the sweetest, most loving and playful girl and she's even doing better with her brother, Bo, who didn't care for her at first.

Jessie loves to take long walks with us, chase her ball in the yard and play with anyone who is up for it. We're so glad to have her and were hoping you would post her on your wall as she truly is a success story! Thank you for giving us a second chance with her. We couldn't love her any more than we already do.

Charlie and Tonia Prula Exeter, PA

Posted 2-9-11


To all my friends at BCHS: I want to let you know how much I love my new home. I get to sleep in a queen size bed, plus a couch, love seat, and recliners - wherever I want! My new owners love me a lot (we cuddle together all the time). I love to ride in the truck and jeep and I get to go and play with my new friend. His name is "Taco". So just to let you know I'm happy and having lots of fun.


Posted 1-28-11


Just wanted to say thank you for allowing us to adopt Sneakers the cat 2 months ago or so.  She has fully adjusted to her new home.  She has plenty of toys, gets plenty of food, and most importantly, gets plenty of love.

Posted 1-14-11 

Gizmo and Gilligan (formerly Holding)


I adopted Gilligan (previously named Holding) and Gizmo last month.  I wanted to let you know how well they are doing.  Both are fitting in great and are great additions to the family.  Gizmo loves sleeping under the blankets and sitting on my lap.  Gilligan loves cuddling and has no
problem with the dogs.  Both had clean bills of health from the vet!

Thank you for my newest family members!
Angela Confessore

Posted 1-5-11


Thought you'd like to see what Mazda looks like now.  Sorry about the redeye.  He is scheduled for neutering in mid-Nov.  Has had all of his shots.  Sleeps with us, our 2 other cats and 2 schipperkes at night.  A bit crowded but fortunately with my back and my husband's RA we stay in one place most of the night and have plenty of  4-legged heating pads.  He is still a major mouser and I am very cautious about pulling up the bedspread.  Today he had one cornered in my shoe and the schips were trying to get it out without destroying the shoe.  I picked up the shoe and cautiously pressed on the sides and the mouse jumped out causing a free-for-all under the  bed.  That will teach the mice to move indoors!  Tho' he goes outdoors to hunt and brings me in mice off and on all day, and this weekend brought in two ticks for good measure.  Gross things.  He is being really good about getting his toes clipped weekly so hopefully that will keep him in shape so no declawing is needed as I hate that. We also practice cleaning teeth and giving pills.    He is the first cat I've owned that actually loved and played with all the toys we've bought him and he has his own stash in a corner of the living room.  He is a great addition to our lives.  Thank you.

Posted 10-27-10


Fifteen days of having Abby in our life does not seem like a long time, but it is long enough to transform her into a stunning young lady. More so, she has learned several basic commands and the most important one is whistle and adhere to, “Come here Abby.”. This is especially important when she catches a sent and tracks it beyond the comfort zone of walking together. Grant it, she is only 8 months old and has plenty of puppy in her, but the desire to cooperate is strong and it helps to offer her a tasty treat. The next tall order of skill compliance is the den (crate) entering and sleeping. Where as, she shows signs of fear when entering the den and moderate anxiety when the door is rattled. According to one canine behaviorist, this concept of safety and security within the den is a hard lesson for any shelter dog to learn because they associate the experience with abandonment or punishment. However, in good time she will learn that she has a forever home, loving family, and her den is the special place for comfort. Until such time, her den bed is under the kitchen table by day and at the foot of the bed by night, but her food is in the den during meals times. Needless to say, Abby has blessed our home with an essence of energy and puppy power. Even her ( nine year old) canine companions are stepping up to the thrill of chasing toys/balls and playing tug with ropes. Obviously, she has met all of our expectations and works hard to raise the level of successful cohabitation. Hence, time will tell the rest of the story as she prepares for Spring and longer visits to the great outdoors. Until then, she is very content being the daily dose of youth and Blue Beagle with all the love to give her family.

Bo Update

I adopted Bo (the handsome beagle on the left) from your shelter on February 14 , 2004. He is a sweet boy and has come to be very obedient and loving despite the difficulties he must have endured in his former life. He loves to play and be with his sister, Carly, also a rescue as an abandoned puppy from Sullivan County. Both spend all day with their Granny and she shares all of her meals, plays with them and gives lots of love and cookies!

Thank you to everyone at BCHS for all that you do! I’ll surely be back to adopt another when I can convince these two to let someone else in!
Tonia Avers


Here are some pics of Ginger with her new coat that I made for her. She is settling into her new home very well. She gets spay on January 11. She is being crate trained now and is doing well with it. She is also doing well with her potty training. Merry Christmas from Ginger and her family... the Gehmans


Just wanted you to know that he Blaze is doing great. The sores he had are all healed and he is running around and playing with the kids like he has known them all his life. He loves going for rides with us and doesn't need a leash. He will walk right next to us as we walk. After losing our other dog I never thought I would find another dog who could come close but it is almost like he was put there just for us. Thank you so much. Here are some pictures of him and the kids

Miss Jenny Lynn

Miss Jenny Lynn, as she is now called, came to live with me in August of 2008 of her yearling year. Her name during her initial recovery was Fancy. She came to live with me as a foster animal because the SPCA needed to find temporary housing for the horses until the court date. She actually became my horse on Sept 15, 2008. I took her in and started to call her Jenny, I also took another horse named Maggie. Jenny was supposed to live with me temporarily, but after getting to know her I couldn't give her to another home. Jenny was still a little underweight when I got her and scared of people. I spent 2 months feeding, grooming and loving her. She finally decided that people were good and that when ever she saw me that I feed her many treats including apples, horse treats and peppermints. Jenny was anxious to learn and so I decided to start driving her. She was too small to ride for a few years so driving seemed to be the right fit for her. I started in the round pen having her work off my body and putting the saddle of the harness on her and the crouper (which goes under her tail). She really took right to it, learning voice commands and getting used to a bit. I did a full month of ground driving her and getting her used to blinders and noises behind her. Finally came the day in the early winter of 2008 to hook her up to a cart. I had help from local horse trainer, Josh Shengle, to get the harness hooked up properly. I walked at Jenny's head and just led her around with the cart attached. The following day I did the same thing but this time walked behind and off to the side of her and gave her the commands to walk and stop. She loves to drive and stand very quietly for people to get on and off the cart. Now she is driving around Mt. Lake just above Burlington and truly enjoys trotting along as you can see by her pictures. She now lives in a 50 acre pastures with tons of grass and 6 other horses. She will follow you anywhere if she thinks you have treats for her. She is a joy to work around and gives back so much love. It has been just over a year now but the picture was taken just one year after I got her. She is a very special pony and I couldn't have asked for a better one!

Brianne Good - Equine Dentist


Left: Willow now






Below: Willow when she arrived at BCHS


We adopted Willow, a Doberman, from a rescue group and she was originally saved by your shelter in Feb or March of this year. We saw her photo recently in the Sayre newspaper when she was first taken in, it was so sad for us to see our baby in that condition but if it helps people to do the right thing and report abuse then we commend you for publishing it. I only wish I had gotten a photo to you of how beautiful and healthy she is now to put in the article to show people how love and care make all the difference to all creatures. We could not ask for a sweeter dog. She is so good and loves all people even though somone once didn't love her enough to care for her properly. She is our 3rd dog rescued from a shelter and they do make the best pets. Thank you and your entire staff for all you do for all the animals. Enjoy the attached photo of her, she will be loved and cherished always, to us she is our child now.

Elaine and Chuck Frisbee


Hello. My name is Rebel and I am a half husky/half collie mix. I was adopted from the humane society in the fall of 2005 by Matt Horton who brought me to Towanda. I moved in with Matt and his other husky/malamute mix Glacier who came from Stray Haven. It was a rough start cause about 6 months after getting here I ran away but Matt found me. Unfortunately I had gotten into some rancid garbage and got very sick. But Matt had the folks at Towanda Creek Animal Hospital on speed dial and they came in at like 2am and fixed me right up. Since then it has been a blast living here. At first it was strange cause I acted like a collie all the time and tried to herd things. But my brother Glacier is a total husky and he taught me to act like one too. In the morning we go outside to the kennel which is bigger than our master's living room. Inside the kennel there are wooden dog houses and we like to climb up on them and lay across them all day. In the summer we stay in the house near the air conditioner but if it's cool enough we go outside and take swims in the dog pool that Matt puts out for us. When Matt gets home, and we know the sound of his jeep, we go inside and eat then off for a long walk around the 2nd ward of Towanda. Well that's it. Can't say that I miss the humane society but you guys did find a good home for me. Later

Rebel Horton

Soary (formerly Sorry)

Hello Everyone! Soary has been with us for a little over 3 weeks now and we are happy to say he has adjusted wonderfully into our home. While he does think he "rules the roost" most days, he is a very obedient and well behaved boy. We have discovered that visiting the vet is not his favorite kind of outing but, that was expected considering his past history. Soary does however enjoy his outings to Sunfish Pond, Monroeton ball field and his usual walks in the woods and fields of Powell. His muscle tone is steadily increasing and although his limp is prominent it doesn't seem to bother him to take his 1-2 mile walks on sunny afternoons. He is quite the celebrity in and around the area, many people comment on the newspaper article in the Towanda Review and are suprised at his overall friendliness. Even the man at Tractor Supply Store knew who I was purchasing the orthopedic bed for. Soary is a happy dog and has plenty of energy and playfulness left in him. He loves his treats and gets plenty of love and attention these days. We are grateful to Jenna for the obedience training she did with Soary, he still remains faithful to her teaching. We are especially thankful to the staff at BCHS for holding onto Soary for as long as they did, were it not for your kindness and patience, we would not have this wonderful addition to our family! We will keep you updated with Soary's story as it continues, we look forward to many years of joy with our beloved Soary-boy.
P.S. Soary says: "Hey Spanky! Thanks for the card and photo, I know what you mean about the chasing cats....."



Here is a picture of our beautiful baby .  Ashe came into our hearts with a storm, however she did like to eat dry wall and carpeting.  Thank heavens she has found food tastes better. She is now 1 year old and is very possessive of her property.

This chair belonged to my husband before we adopted Ashe.  No dog could be loved more and she returns that love every single day. The chair is now Ashes' and she only leaves it under durress.

Posted 7-28-09

Winnie (update)

Winnie BeforeWinnie at the shelter

Winnie Now

Winnie is doing better all the time. Also we managed to get the tumor off her tail without amputation. We are still working on the sore on her leg it is now about 1/3 the size it was. She is quite the clown and has so much energy now- she plays all the time. We love her dearly and she is so happy.

Thank you,


Good afternoon,

I thought you would like to know how Blue is doing.  He is adapting quite well to his new home and he plays with his brother Flash.  We go for walks and play at the park.  Blue loves his rawhides and pigs ears and will try and steal Flash’s.  We went to the vet on Friday and the guessed him to be around one year old and in good health. 

Here are some pictures of Blue now.

Becky Keir


Just wanted to let you know Winnie is doing wonderful and she is a wonderful dog. If only we had known her when she was young! I took her to work with me and she is severely hypothyroid but all else checked out ok. She is on thyroid supplement now and a strong antibiotic for her leg. I keep the leg wrapped and she has been leaving it alone so far. She is scheduled for surgery next tuesday
to have her tail amputated- unfortunately there is not enough skin to close it if we just take the tumor. I will leave as much tail as possible-she has  been wagging it quite a bit.

She is a funny dog- she is starting to play with the other dogs and us. She is always on the couch and has a funny little snarl-smile when we walk in the room. She uses the doggy door and is very well housebroke. She doesn't bother the cats, chickens, turkeys, horses etc ... we have on our farm. She loves to go for off leash walks-she stays right at my side. She also likes to ride in the car. She fit right in. To sum it up in one word-she is perfect!!!! I will send some nice photos after her tail is taken care of.

Thank you so much for allowing her into our family.


Hello Everyone!

It has been a month now since we adopted Savannah and just wanted to let you know how blessed we are to have found her! She is a perfect match for our family. Attached is a picture of her with her big sister Sarah. Savannah has learned that Sarah can't play for long periods because of her hips so they spend many hours laying together and playing tug alot.

As for Savannah's learning ability she is absolutely awesome! She has learned to stand back and wait for her food to be put in her dish and better yet, she has learned that if there is food in Sarah's dish she has to leave it alone. It does make for some entertainment around her evening feeding if Sarah has food in her dish because Savannah will lay there and watch it---I guess she is hoping it will miraculously jump out of the bowl! Savannah has learned how to sit, lay down, come, get it, bring it, give it, leave it and down. She is completely house broken and only had 3 accidents which happened the day after her spay surgery. We never had to get out the crate to help train her. Savannah has become friends with our cats and is still trying to figure out why the cats will rub up against her when she is more interested in herding them.

In regards to walking on a leash and being social, Savannah is a jewel to take for a walk and loves to have people greet her. She goes in the car with us whenever we can take her and she has been up to Alfred State College a couple times already to get her boy. We absolutely love her and her gentle nature and her big bundle of energy. We laugh every night when we have to pick up the toys she has scattered throughout the house, which by the way, she is slowly learning how to help put them away. She is a truly amazing dog and I just wanted you to know how happy we are with her.

Lisa Smith

Ike, formerly Chuckie

Hi Everybody,

Just wanted to let you know I am feeling much better and hardly ever cough. I know all my basic commands and it turns out I am 100% housebroken. Every day I get long walks on a leash then a romp in my own five-acre fenced pasture where I am learning to play ball. The people here are very happy I came to live with them. They said I should tell you I am the most perfect dog in the world.

Thank you for taking such good care of me until my new mom came to adopt me. I will never forget your kindness.

Ike Eisenhower (formerly Chuckie).

posted 12-08-08

Maggi, formerly Miss Pretty

I am writing this letter is reference to "Miss Pretty" - now known as "Maggi" to update you on her since she adopted us October 25, 2008. Maggi is so wonderful!! We absolutely love her! She loves the kids and loves to play and is really starting to show us her outgoing nature. She is still a bit timid at times and if there are a lot of people around but is getting much better! We have never had to crate her... she sleeps with us or one of the kids... and we really don't know what we did without her! She was spayed this week but doing great!

I'm attaching a picture of our daughter, Abbi, and Maggi on Halloween. Abbi was a sleepover girl and Maggi was, well who else, but UNDERDOG!!!

Thank you again for bringing her into our lives!

posted 11-21-08

Lacey and Termite

I am so happy to let you know both kittens are doing well. They are up to date on their shots. We are waiting till January to get them spayed.

Thank You!
Cheryl Brennan

posted 11-18-08

George(formerly Feather)

I believe it has been about four years ago that I adopted a kitten you had named of Feather, maybe you will remember him when you see this picture. We renamed him George. I emailed you a picture of him shortly after we got him, he is the kitten at the very end of your Happy Endings page. I visited your web site just last night and I thought I would see if he was still pictured. And there he was a the very end. Enclosed please find a picture of him as he is now. The coffee table that he is laying on is 26" wide. As you can see he has grown into a very big kitty! He is a great cat and we love him dearly. Thanks for letting me adopted such a great friend!

posted 11-12-08

Lily Mae and Lucy Lou (formerly Lovebug)

Bob and I adopted a senior bulldog, Lillie Mae a few months ago and she is adapting wonderfully! We also have a golden retriever, Cooper that plays with her, yes she plays! She gets very excited, and is very lovable for her 9 years. We are so happy with her.

I also adopted Lovebug (I renamed her Lucy Lou) back in January, and whoever named her Lovebug was totally right! She is so sweet and gives me kisses on my nose. She gets along really well with our dogs.

I can't say enough good things about the staff at the Bradford County Humane Shelter. All were very helpful with our questions and helped make the transition easy.

Attached are some photos of both Lillie Mae and Lucy Lou! Enjoy!

Jennifer and Bob

posted 7-17-08

Chica and Lupe

Although we feel we are just beginning to embark on a reasonably great relationship (3 months into it) with some human folks - we thought we'd give a "happy endings" post. We've been taken hostage by a couple in Binghamton NY and spend our days keeping these folks on their toes. There are the hours of mandated petting, play (see photo attached) and nuggling. Much dialog is actually required, daily, to ensure adequeate food bowl attention (we like an elegant multi-bowl presentation and massive quantities). Not to mention getting adequate "box service"...well you know how eager humans can be about that....

We left the shelter together in March of this year. It is really nice to have a pal from the old country to share the experiences of adjusting to a bustling NY bunny and chipmonk viewing lifestyle . Our humans have renamed us, as we gather is a common thread in our adoptee experiences. They seem to pester us constantly by calling out to "Lupe" (formerly Zip Zap) and "Chica" (formerly Cuddlebug) - The "nombres" are in deference to us coming from "South of the Border". The female in the couple took espa�ol in la escuela ...what goobers they are. ...All in all though, we have to say things are pretty good (although we're pretty sure we could have done better with respect to getting top-notch humans, and we let our staff know this when necessary).

Anyway - we hope all our old pals are long gone and that the new kitties get homes QUICKLY!!!! Oh yeah - and that the loud barking dogs get homes quickly too - so that the kitties can get some much needed peace and quiet...:)

(dictated by Chica and Lupe, wored processed by staff)

posted 6-23-08

Mason and Mollie

Just wanted to give you an update on the puppies. Mason and Mollie have a great time in the pool and relaxing in the lounge chair!!

Patti Brunk

posted 6-17-08

Dusty and Mulligan

Dusty, the blind and deaf male cocker spaniel who came to BCHS severally matted with an old leg injury that left his leg permanently damaged and Mulligan, an older male poodle mix were rescued this past week by Cocker Pal Rescue where they will remain with a representive from Cocker rescue.

posted 6-4-08

Daisy Sue

Hi! My mom took some better pictures of me and she thought that you might like to see them.

I had another vet appointment today. I got a booster shot and a blood test for heart worms so that I could be put on Interceptor. My mom also ordered me K9 Advantix. I have another vet appointment on July 15th to get fixed. I don't know what that means, but mom said that she has to drop me off early in the morning and pick me up the next day. I don't really like the sound of getting fixed and being away from home for a day, maybe I should tell her I'm not broken.

Einstein finally played with me the other day! We had so much fun running around in the indoor arena. There is a big pile of sand outside and I love running around that and digging holes in it.

After a lot of begging mom finally gave in and bought a slip cover for the couches so that I can sometimes sleep on them, and dad even let me sleep on the bed a couple of times!

I hope that my sister has found a good, loving home!


posted 5-27-08