Bradford County Humane Society employs a Certified Humane Police Officer to investigate cases of animal cruelty. This Humane Police Officer has the ability to cite individuals, prosecute, and obtain warrants if needed in regards to animal cruelty laws.

BCHS takes animal abuse very seriously. If you suspect animal abuse call the Animal Cruelty Line at 570-888-4763.

If you have an emergency involving an animal call 911.

Pennsylvania has a toll-free, state-wide telephone number for reporting animal abuse. If you witness/know of animal cruelty anywhere in PA, you can call this number to report it:


Body Condition Scale for assessing an emaciated dog.

Pages from the PA Humane Society Police Officer Blue Book of Laws:

Physical Condition Scale

Body Condition, Physical Care, Environmental Health Scales

Guideline for dealing with reported cases of abuse or neglect


BCHS representatives are available to make presentations to schools and community groups about humane issues.

"Be Kind to Animals" Presentation Offered by BCHS

Do you know an elementary or pre-school class that would be interested in a "Be Kind to Animals" Presentation? If so, please contact the Community Coordinator at 570-888-2114. We visit local area schools with an adoptable shelter pet and shows children how to be "Be Kind to Animals". Now is the time to reinforce commitment to animals. Kids and pets have always had a special bond.