Animal Welfare and Education (Animal Welfare Institute) (American Humane) )American Society for the Protection of Animals) (Humane Society of the United States) (Learn more about animal hoarding)  (10 reasons to adopt) (animal abuse statistics and info)

Obedience Resources (Agility, Rally, and Clicker Training)

Walking on a leash info sheet

Come - Sit - Down - Stay info sheet

New Adult Dog info sheet (A guide for dog owners) (dog problem areas, good page of resources) (How to Crate Train) (Dog, Puppy and Cat Training)

For Fun (Famous Pet & Animal Quotes) (Show off your dog on, it’s like a for dogs!)  (support & club for owners of mixed breeds)

For Kids (Humane Society of U.S news and projects for kids) (Humane Society of U.S Youth) (Pictures to print and color)


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