Pet Adoption Application

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SPICER is a small group of dedicated foster homes helping to place abandoned, sick and homeless pets into new loving forever homes. We want every applicant to understand the responsibilities involved in caring for a pet. It is a life time commitment and many cats live 16 - 20 + years, dogs can live in some case upwards of 10-18 years. Cats and dogs bond with their human family and need to be treated as a member of the family. Please proceed with this application IF you are willing to make that commitment.

Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Physical Address:
(RQUIRED) Email:
Describe the "ideal" cat(s) or dog(s) for your family. What are you looking for in a pet?
Name of cat(s) or dog(s) you are interested in:
Why do you want to bring a new pet into your home?
What do you think are the most important responsibilities in owning a pet?
For whom are you adopting the pet?
What are your feelings regarding pets on furniture?
What are your feelings regarding shedding?
Haw many hours would this new pet be left alone in a typical day?
Do you work outside the home?
Yes No
Are you willing to allow a new pet time to adapt to its new environment and family?
Yes No
How long of an adjustment period would you consider to be acceptable for a new pet to adapt?
Some rescued pets might have training issues that might be known prior to adopting or might arise after an adoption. We list all issues we know of in the petís bio, but there are issues that might arise later on we might not have known about. Are you willing to work through these issues? Some issues might be Housebreaking or litter box issues?
Yes No
Yes No
Yes No
Obedience training?
Yes No
Activity Level?
Yes No
Leash Training?
Yes No
Fear of Men?
Yes No
Fear of Women?
Yes No
Fear of Children?
Yes No
Fear of dogs and/or cats?
Yes No
Fear of loud noises/thunder storms?
Yes No
Submissive peeing?
Yes No
Food/Toy aggression?
Yes No
Separation anxiety and/or abandonment issues?
Yes No
Scratching on furniture?
Yes No
Which of the following medical issues that may arise in the future are you willing to provide medical care and deal with and which would cause you to return the pet to us? Please answer each with either deal with or return. Blindness?
Special Diet?
Long term medications?
Surgery and/or Dentals?
Physical Therapy?
Urinary Tract Blockages and/or infections?
Any other medical that might not have been mentioned?
Have you ever owned a pet before?
Yes No
Please describe those pets that are currently with you (type (dog/cat/other), age, sex, altered status, declawed, did you choose to have your pet declawed or did your pet come to you declawed? How long have you owned?)
Please describe those pets that are no longer with you (type (dog/cat/other), age, sex, altered status, declawed, did you choose to have your pet declawed or did your pet come to you declawed? How long did you own?)
What happened to the pets who are no longer with you?
Have you ever taken a pet to a shelter or given a pet away? If so why?
Have you ever had a pet run away or get lost? If yes please explain.
Have you ever had a pet killed by a vehicle? If yes please explain.
Please provide ALL the name(s) and phone number(s) of the veterinarian(s) for your current and/or former pets.
Do you know the number and location of the nearest emergency veterinarian clinic in case your dog/cat needs to be seen after hours?
Yes No.
Is your current dog(s)/cat(s) on heartworm preventative?
Yes No.
If yes what kind of heartworm preventative?
Do you keep your pet on heartworm preventative all year round?
Yes No.
Is your current pet(s) current on their vaccines?
Yes No.
Does your current pet(s) receive a 1 or 3 year rabies vaccine.
Do you take your pet(s) to your veterinarian yearly for a wellness check-up?
Yes No.
Please estimate the amount you think it will cost yearly for the following: Food (Premium, not grocery brands), Grooming, Veterinarian Care (Including but not limited to annual wellness check-ups, vaccines, heartworm and flea preventative), Extras Such as Toys and Boarding or In Home Pet Care.
Are you willing and able to provide pet care for the next 10 or more years including veterinarian care, boarding/in home pet care, unexpected medical care, exercising, and indoor housing?
Yes No.
Are you willing and able to make a 10 or more year commitment to the pet you are trying to adopt?
Yes No.
Will you take your new dog (if applying for a dog) to obedience classes?
Yes No.
Are you willing to exercise your new dog (if applying for a dog) daily by taking them for a walk aprox. 45 min to 1 hour?
Yes No.
How many people reside in your household?
Name and ages of adults in household?
Are there any children in the household?
Yes No
If yes, what are their ages?
Does anyone have allergies to pets?
Yes No.
Does anyone in your home fear dogs or cats?
Yes No.
If yes please explain.
Is everyone in the household in agreement on adopting a new pet(s)?
Yes No.
If no please explain.
Who will be responsible for the care of your pet?
Do you own or rent your residence?
Own Rent
If you rent, please provide the name and phone number of your landlord.
Do you have permission from your landlord to own a pet(s)?
Yes No.
Are there any restrictions to you owning a pet? If yes please explain what they are.
Are you familiar with the animal regulations in your area?
Yes No.
Are you planning to change your residence in the near future
Yes No.
What will you do with your pet(s) if you move?
What will you do if you are unable to find a place that will allow pets?
Where will your pet be kept?
Inside Outside Both
How many hours a day will your new pet have access to free reign of the home?
How many hours a day will your new pet have access to the main floor of your home?
How many hours a day will your new pet have access to the basement of your home?
How many hours a day will your new pet (if a dog) have access to your backyard
What provisions will be made for your pet when no one is home during the day? During the evening? Away on vacation?
Do you have a fenced in yard?
Yes No.
Please describe your fence and height of fence.
Do you intend to declaw your cat?
Yes No.
If you answered yes, please explain why you will choose to have your new cat(s) declawed.
What are your views on declawing? What do you believe the procedure to be?
Do you believe in Spaying and/or neutering your pets?
Yes No.
Please explain why you answered either yes or no to the above question.
What would make you give up your new pet, or need to find it a new home?
How did you hear about SPICER?

By submitting this form I represent that the information that I have provided is the truth to the best of my knowledge and belief, I authorize my landlord to release any and all information need to a SPICER representative, and I also authorize my veterinarian to release any and all information needed to a SPICER representative.


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