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"Giving Unwanted Hamsters a Second Chance at a Forever Home"

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The rescue is now closed, a big thank you to all our previous adopters.

Please check out their Petfinder pages for more information.

Successful Adoptions

Since officially starting Given A Chance Rodent Rescue in January 2004 (the rescue changed its name in March 2007 to Given a Chance Hamster Rescue), we have been able to find 665 small animals great new homes. These include; Chloe, Widget, Teddy, Oreo, Midnight, Daisy, Jamie, Robyn, Tom, Jerry, Benji, Amie, Banjo, Jack, Scooter, Bill, Ben, Sam, Hickory, Pippa, Blue, Casey, Gideon, Fern, Isabel, Herbie, Lucy, Solo, Dawn, Abby, Hermione, Piper, Aspen, Emily, Milo, Cricket, Zoey, Ellis, Ajay, Autumn, Kirby, Frodo, Paige, Dylan, Forrest, Nate, Grace, Raven, Peanut, Summer, Inca, Gilbert, Wyatt, Casper, Malachi, Sooty, Sweep, Eclipse, Gatsby, Kealie, Noah, Chip, Dale, Apricot, Nicki, Danni, Oliver, Zeke, Henry, Keira, Onyx, Acorn, Luna, Urkel, Quincy, Victor, Xena, Yogi, Nanook, Winter, Pikachu, Diego, Emmy, Niamh, Travis, Tucker, Faye, Ivy, Rupert, Moe, Lancelot, Riley, Isis, Libby, Opie, Felipe, Jake, Kaya, Hamlet, Nickademus, Wizard, Ollie, Huckleberry, Tango, Hershey, Billy, Emery, Wicca, Huey, Duey, Luey, Atreyu, Wicket, Shiloh, Finley, Fieval, Guinevere, Gizmo, Domino, Megan, Digby, Rusty, Lilo, Kurtis, Gareth, Theodore, Smokey, Tyler, Ichabod, Joey, Lottie, Jasper, Yin, Yang, Ellie, Oddball, Topsy, Turvy, Silas, Stripe, Nutmeg, Remus, Lupin, Moony, Bart, Honey, Pepper, Charlie, Keri, Pumpkin, Isabella, Allissa, Willie, Itsy, Bitsy, Ivan, Juliet, Gypsy, Xavier, Orion, Nemo, Wylie, Calypso, Faith, Hope, Merry, Pippin, Keiran, Romeo, Ranger, Otis, D'Artagnan, Aramis, Athos, Porthos, Barney, Cody, Elliot, Avery, Felix, Oscar, Inky, Jay, Cocoa, Monty, Kimba, Ella, Bella, Badger, Ophelia, Tawny, Cinnamon, Mocha, Roscoe, Raina, April, Taz, Ginny, Tate, Willow, Pebbles, Freya, Nala, Mae, Wilbur, Waldo, Owen, Imogen, Isolde, Kasey, Jacob, Ruby. Sophie, Nia, Comet, Flash, Gandalf, Lilly, Nicolai, Zeppo, Harpo, Groucho, Dumbledore, Ukee, Chico, Gummi, Violet, Ethan, Jessie, Katie, Max, Kylie, Louisa, Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy, Trixie, Dixie, Skip, Ozzie, Emma, Iggy, Levi, Noelle, Flint, Hocus, Pocus, Rio, Tess, Bojangles, Yoshi, Zig, Peeka, Boo, Phoebe, Zag, Simba, Nakita, Rex, Charlotte, Woody, Fidget, Digit, Quigley, Orville, Sweetpea, Bramble, Thistle, Clover, Buttercup, Dandelion, Juneau, Elmo, Grumpy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Doc, Rainbow, Happy, Bashful, Kiwi, Sully, Indigo, Fred, George, Yogi, Julie, Boris, Eenie, Minie, Meenie, Mo, Lacey, Macey, Atticus, Rembrandt, Heathcliff, Dante, Iona, Petra, Willa, Elias, Kendra, Toby, October, Griffin, Phoenix, Leo, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, Gideon, Sunny, Gus, Harvey, Devon, Amber, Echo, Jaq, Penelope, Buffy, Tad, Farley, Glacier, Ludo, Arctic, Polar, Frosty, Keiko, Cairo, Rambler, Blizzard, Snowball, Isla, Willem, Olivia, Gretel, Bailey, Barnaby, Hansel, Zodiac, Caleb, Archie, Snap, Crackle, Pop, Soleil, Leah, Artemis, Buddy, Tiger Lily, Caspian, Teddy Ruxpin, Serendipity, Lorelei, Pluto, Suki, Cherokee, Willoughby, Ariel, Ash, Tarragon, Maple, Cedar, Abednego, Hannah, Sequoia, Ofelia, Othello, Rowan, Aniya, Neiva, Caillou, Reepicheep, Cupid, Dancer, Prancer, Rudolph, Blitzen, Vixen, Jack Frost, Eragon, Dora, Joshua, Garfield, Thelma, Louise, Jared, Rocky, Rosalie, Alice, Eloise, Renesmee, Bells, Saphira, Edward, Lucas, Orinoco, Horatio, Gumdrop, Rolo, Skittles, Twizzler, Jellybean, Arya, Gemini, Mickey, Minnie, Ghost, Tinkerbell, Darby, Pyewacket, Keanu, Bandit, Rhys, Draco, Merlin, Marmaduke, Aries, Aquarius, Amelia, Tula, Lyra, Twinkle, Aaliyah, Licorice, Cirrus, Cumulus, Nimbus, Stratus, Brody, Sookie, Serafina, Fiddlestix, Nikabrik, Mortimer, Pipsqueak, Melody, Arrietty, Laurel, Peregrine, Pierogi, Hardy, Soren, Leila, Archimedes, Flynn Rider, Kismet, Lewis, Clark, Butterscotch, Harold, Aristotle, Cain, Abel, Tweedledee, Tweedledum, Sophie, Lucy, Abracadabra, Samantha. Tabitha, Albert, Hiccup, Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-Tail, Rapunzel, Gulliver, Baby, Maverick, Lemon, Cherry, Beatrix, J.D., Turk, Ratatouille, Anais, Blossom, Lepe, Puck, Adele, Sammi, Delaney, Chase, Ewan, Axel, Aaron, Aiden, Jemima, Gabe, Emerson, Sierra, Donovan, Roosevelt, Picasso, Clara, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Sahara, Sienna, George, Paul, John, Ringo, Morrison, Hendrix, Socrates, Ambrosius, Keith, Mick, Phineas, Ferb, Matisse, Coconut, Twyla, Liam, Callum, Logan, Ava, Sofia, Sandy, Rafe, Katja, Brie, Pandora, Harper, Sugar, Spice, Sawyer, Angel, Loki, Cameron, Rogan, Daniel, Jovi, Richie, Tico, David, Molly, Brooke, Asa, Ezra, Siobhan, Brynn, Ione, Little Joe, Flora, Fauna, Matilda, Pumpernickel, Connor, Starsky, Sherlock, Kai, Snowflake, Hutch, Ariana, Aoife, Bo, Luke, Duke, Bonnie, Colette, Enoch, Daffodil, Annabelle, Tic, Kaedyn, Tac, Toe, Tanner, Aesop, Jane, Scout, Archilles, Drake, Twix, Madison, McKensie, Leonard, Sheldon, Skyler, Whispa, Hubert, Morgan, Petunia, Erin, Ramona, Beezus, Tobias, Brett, Ryder, Seneca, Priscilla, Darwin, Aurora, Bridget, Maisie, Coraline, Lochlan, Rosie, Delilah, Giacomo, Hercules, Thor, Jordyn, Jingle, Ileana, Sprinkles, Benjamin Button, Ralph, Yoda, Tatiana, Bluebell, Poppy, Frasier, Nibbles, Whiskers, Seamus, River, Hunter, Aubrey, Garnet, Topaz, Emerald, Amethyst, Sabine, Sapphire, Sara, Sansa, Dahlia, Hyacinth, Aster, Zinnia, Marigold, Diamond, Cyan, Fuchsia, Coral, Teal, Magenta, Copper, Xander, Dust, Opal, Sorrel, Olaf, Cersei, Albion, Lazarus, Georgia, Virginia, Carolina, Oregon, Indiana, Arizona, Josie, Montana, Dakota, Ohio, Tennessee, Velvet & Nutella. We have also helped to find homes for 18 horses; Molly, Patti, Corkey, Collada, Lola, Bailey, Billy, Chloe, Star, Chip, Lady, Emily, Misty, Magic, Taz, Pepper, Isabelle & Duncan as well as 2 rabbits named Lucie and Jovi and 2 Guinea pigs named Orville and Wilbur.

You can see all our adopted pets in our 'Happy Tails' section.
Please click on the link button to the right to see Given a Chance Hamster Rescue's permanent pets, who were all once in the rescue themselves, but stayed with us for one reason or another.

Who We Are

Given A Chance Hamster Rescue is a small family run rescue based in and around Allentown, PA. We offer the hamsters that come into our rescue a one on one relationship based on the well being of the hamster, thus limiting the number of fosters we can accept at any one time into our household. The hamsters are given large cages and are always housed on Carefresh bedding.

Our small animals come to us from a variety of places; overcrowded shelters, other rescues and owner surrenders. We are a no-kill rescue, any rodent that comes into the rescue, receives the best care possible, including veterinary attention if necessary and stays with us until a new home can be found, no matter how long it takes.

We mainly take in hamsters and occasionally gerbils, the only exceptions would be in case of an emergency, providing we had cage space available or a home already lined up.

Adopting a friend

If you see a hamster on our site, you would like to adopt or if you have questions about the rescue, let us know via e-mail. We will adopt our animals to anyone that passes our adoption requirements, stated below and can travel to meet us in or around Allentown, PA, to pick up the animal. You must be over 18 years old to adopt an animal from us.

We do have a few requirements before we will adopt out any of our hamsters; first we conduct an interview via e-mail, then we will set up a time for you to come and meet the hamster that interests you. If all goes well and you decide to adopt the hamster you will need to fill out our adoption contract and show us the cage you plan on housing the hamster in. Providing everything is satisfactory your household will have a new little friend to take home that day.

There is an adoption fee of $10 for our hamsters (unless otherwise stated differently), this fee helps to support the rescue by covering some of our expenses, such as veterinary care and basic supplies (any money donated goes straight into the rescue).

If the new owners have any concerns about their new pet, they can contact us at any time via e-mail, we do not forget about our pets once they have been adopted.

Surrender Policy

If for whatever reason you find you can not keep your hamster and would like to place them up for adoption, contact us. We have limited space but we will try our best to help you.

Ways to Help

Since we are a small rescue one of the main ways we need your help is to spread the word about Petfinder and our rescue. If you know anyone interested or looking for a small animal give them the Petfinder web site address.

Contact Us

If you are interested in adopting one of our hamsters and have put thought and research into looking after a hamster as well as having the backing of everyone in your household, the best way to contact us is via e-mail, using the e-mail address provided below. We check our e-mail at least three times a day and should get back to you within 24 hours. The e-mail address is


Before adopting a pet, please check out what supplies you will need by clicking on the hamster in the wheel.

Given A Chance Hamster Rescue

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