Please complete the following information for the next step in the adoption process. Please answer all questions, as an incomplete questionnaire will delay your application. We will follow up to those we feel to be the "best fit" with one of our rescues. Please note: A completed application DOES NOT guarantee adoption.

Please understand that we are not a large corporation. We are all volunteers, and do the best we can. As such, we cannot always get back to everyone or reply to every application. Thank you for your understanding!

Also, please understand that our goal is to find the right home for each of the animals we rescue...their life has been difficult enough without putting them in an incorrect home for the rest of their life. Thank you for your understanding.

Please do not submit this application if you are under 21 years of age.

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Under what name are your Vet records kept?

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the new federal laws regarding the privacy act, you may need to contact your vet and give permission for PF Rescue to contact them regarding your records and the status of your pets.


Where do you live?
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Do you have a completely fenced-in yard?
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Do you own your home?
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If no, do you have permission from your landlord to keep an animal?
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Do you presently own any pets?
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If yes, please list the name and kind for each pet (e.g. Tori - Pug dog; Lacey - domestic longhaired cat; Bella - MacCaw):

Have you owned any pets in the past?
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If yes, please list the name and kind for each pet, and state why you no longer have them:

If you own any dogs, are they spayed/neutered?
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Do you have a crate or cage to keep the animal in?
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Are you willing to house train this animal?
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Are you willing to take an animal with special needs?
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How many hours will the animal be alone during the day?    

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Where will you keep the animal while you are on vacation?    

Why are you interested in adopting a rescue?

Anything additional you wish to say to us?

Please do not hit submit unless you are ready to adopt this animal!
If approved, you must be ready and willing to accept the animal into your home within 72 hours of approval.
We are not a boarding kennel, and do not have the space to hold animals.