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I am so proud of this incredible girl. Such an amazing story of how certain dogs have a way of finding their way to someone, and ultimately their destiny. Four months ago Jordan and her 7 babies were starving, found, and dumped in a high kill shelter down south. With only 2 days till all were scheduled to be euthanized, all were saved and pulled to a facility in Virginia. From there, she was sent to the loving care of Sue Hollenbach at Homeward Bound in Mechanicsburg. Sue saw her amazing potential, and when she heard I was looking for an extraordinary therapy dog, allowed her to make her last leg of her journey into our arms. On Monday, she successfully passed her Therapy Dog certification, and last night, did her first visitation. She took all the gratitude and appreciation in her heart and "paid it forward" to every person she met. She will be a poster dog for the organization, and through the caring of so many good people, will bring joy, alleviate suffering and offer a few precious moments of peace to many weary souls. I'll be forever grateful to share my life with this unbelievably compassionate, peace filled healer.

InformationWe do not believe in pediatric spay/neuters. Our veterinarians will not perform these surgeries under the age of five months because it harms the development of the puppy.  In many instances, the surgery in young females is causing incontinence as they grow.  If you want to adopt a puppy under the age of five months and you want it to be spayed or neutered, we are not the rescue for you.
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