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Funding Fosters!
On a daily basis, we have new foster dogs coming into the system that need medical care, such as insulin, heart meds, allergy meds etc.  Won't you be part of the pack and help with a monthly donation?
  • Nail Clipper Pack - $10/month
  • Paw Pack - $25/month
  • Tail Wag Pack - $50/month
  • Wet Kiss Pack - $100/month
Join our "Packs" :)

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Special Needs Dogs

We have several dogs right now in need of special love.
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Want to donate to 2nd Chance with your normal shopping? Click here to find out how you can earn money for 2nd Chance by shopping your favorite brands with iGive!


Want to donate to 2nd Chance with your normal shopping? Click here to find out how you can earn money for 2nd Chance by shopping your favorite brands with Amazon Smile!

Garden Gate Photography

Many many thanks to our tireless friends at Garden Gate Photography for all of the pictures they take of our doggies!

Thank you to Denise Archer for supporting 2nd Chance with all our grooming needs!

Thank you, as well, to Nickole Newcomer at the Shaggy Dog Grooming Salon for keeping our pups pretty!

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Our mission is to provide homeless and abandoned dogs with a second chance and a brighter future.
In doing this, our rescue organization will:

Ensure loving and safe homes for these dogs for the rest of their lives

• Encourage responsible dog ownership

• Educate our youth in hopes to cease the need for shelters altogether.

Through dedication and perseverance our volunteers will continue to be committed to the three E’s as long as there are dogs in need. We believe every adoptable dog deserves a 2nd Chance 4 Life.


We Need Fosters!

2nd Chance 4 Life Rescue is dependent upon its fosters. They are the "hub" of our organization. We appreciate EVERYTHING they do. Our fosters open their hearts and their homes to dogs that, without them, may be living on "borrowed time." The dogs seem to know that they were saved and appreciate their foster families. People tend to think that shelter dogs must be "problem dogs," on the contrary, many were just unlucky and ended up with owners that felt they were dispensable. So for all the love and loyalty they gave, their owners still dumped them at the local kill shelter when they became inconvenient for whatever reason. Other owners failed to plan for their loyal pet in case of their death and so the owner's family dropped the dog off at the kill shelter.

Usually our foster dogs are wonderful little creatures, starving for love and attention and yes, sometimes food! If you would consider opening your heart and home to an innocent dog who did nothing wrong other than end up at the shelter, PLEASE fill out a foster application and we will be in touch. I guarantee your family will be blessed by the wonderful dogs and people they meet through becoming a foster. And parents, don't worry about your children not understanding the fostering concept, children get it!  It is the adults that have a much harder time with it. Remember that for every dog adopted, 2 dogs have been saved (the one you take in your home and the one who now has a kennel at the shelter because we made room). It makes the process much easier and so rewarding! We look forward to meeting you and having your family as a part of our foster family network!

Our Wish List!:

Cannon Rebel Camera that we can use at events and when our photographers are not available

A Van for transports!

Tough chew toys that cannot be destroyed by our larger "chompers" :)

All gifts can be sent to:

PO Box 549
Elizabethtown, PA 17022

... or dropped off at:

Tractor Supply
1360 Strickler Road
Mount Joy, PA 17552
Waggin Wheels 709 Cloverleaf Road
Elizabethtown, PA 17022
Darrenkamps Etown 191 Ridgeview Road S.
Elizabethtown, PA 17022

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