About the Spirit of Rescue

Come to a shelter in the "Spirit of Rescue". Does it really matter if the puppy is 5 months of age or 7 weeks? How many times do we hear "I wanted a little one". What about the poor dog that may be 1 year of age. He is too often overlooked. Older puppies are easier to housetrain. The kittens face the scrutiny of what color they are. Long Haired kittens get adopted before short haired kittens. Orange, White, and Buff get adopted before Black and Tabby kittens. The adult cats find themselves in a lonely spot. Everyone wants a kitten. Rescuing isn't about size, color, age; it is about finding a new companion to share your love and home with.

Adopting a friend

Mon-Wed-Thurs: 1pm-7pm
Friday: 1pm to 4pm
Sat: 10am to 3pm
Sun: Noon-3pm

We have beautiful cats and kittens of all ages. All cats and dogs have shots appropriate to their age. All cats and kittens are $70. Puppies are $300 effective May 1, 2017, due to increased costs of veterinary care. Dogs range from $100 to $200 UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED. We have dogs and puppies of all breeds and sizes. The increase in puppy price includes their remaining shots to be given at our facility, and other support services. All cats or kittens/dogs or puppies are spayed or neutered prior to adoption.

Adopting a Puppy or Dog? We will need to know the following? Have you ever owned a large breed dog? What provisions do you have for puppy/dog during the day if you work? What exercise provisions do you have for your pet? (Daily walking, fenced yard, etc.)Do you own your home? MOST OF OUR RETURNS ARE HOUSING ISSUES. AS A RESULT OF THIS FACT, WE ARE TIGHTENING OUR REQUIREMENTS FOR ADOPTIONS OF DOGS TO PEOPLE RENTING. IF YOU ARE PLANNING A TRIP TO THE HUMANE SOCIETY, IT IS BEST TO INQUIRE ABOUT OUR POLICIES BEFORE MAKING THE TRIP. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT OF REFUSAL OF AN APPLICATION

You can download our new dog application form here.

Policy Statement

As devoted animal lovers and rescuers, we deeply regret those we have to turn away. All no-kill shelters face this criticism. We can only accept what our facility will safely accommodate. Our animals receive the highest quality of veterinary care at great expense to our organization. We have successfully rescued and adopted 2600 cats/kittens and with limited facilities 1400 dogs/puppies. Overcrowding benefits no one, neither human or beast. Overcrowding creates medical problems that can close a shelter either temporarily or permanently. We have to constantly guard against feline leukemia, aids, panleukopenia, ringworm, parvo virus to name a few. Who do we benefit if we overcrowd? Place the blame of unrescued animals where it belongs 1) the person who originally abandoned a companion animal 2) Those that see shelters as petstores and only want certain colors or ages 3) Those that start the current of unrest in communities through their lack of understanding. The blame does not rest with shelters. We offer wholehearted thankfullness to those that work with shelters and foster cats and kittens until shelters have room. ALWAYS REMEMBER, ADOPTION MAKES ROOM FOR A RESCUE!

Puppy Adoption Form

You can download our new dog application form here.