Help Us build an additional dog kennel

The Humane Society of Westmoreland County is dedicated to meeting the challenge of “rescue”. All of the shelters in Westmoreland County are small and cannot meet the constant demand of stray, abused and unwanted pets. Too many dogs and cats are turned away daily because of a lack of space. What happens to those turned away? This is a bothersome question. We wish to improve our abilities to rescue, and build an additional dog kennel. Simply, space saves lives.

We are well on our way to meeting this challenge. We have hired Wade Marts as our architect and Benchmark Engineering for our site plan development. Tony Kresicki has donated some renderings to create a visual of what we are trying to accomplish. We hope that you will join us in this endeavor to rescue more dogs. We are the only agency in Westmoreland County to employ two Humane Society Police Officers. We need to your help to raise funds to build this building. If you should choose to use PayPal, write dog shelter in the comments section.