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    Come to a shelter in the "Spirit of Rescue". Does it really matter if the puppy is 5 months of age or 7 weeks? How many times do we hear "I wanted a little one". What about the poor dog that may be 1 year of age. He is too often overlooked. Older puppies are easier to housetrain. The kittens face the scrutiny of what color they are. Long Haired kittens get adopted before short haired kittens. Orange, White, and Buff get adopted before Black and Tabby kittens. The adult cats find themselves in a lonely spot. Everyone wants a kitten. Rescuing isn't about size, color, age; it is about finding a new companion to share your love and home with.

Later is too late to save a homeless animal. Please consider donating today!

The Humane Society of Westmoreland County is a full service shelter...

We work daily to rescue and shelter animals. We also provide veterinary care to our animals and the general public’s animals through our low cost veterinary services. Each month in 2013 approximately 393 dogs and 354 cats pass through our doors in need of veterinary care, spay/neutering or rescue and adoption.

We employ two Humane Society Police Officers to provide the rescue and three on staff veterinarians to provide the veterinary care. All of our technicians are trained to assist veterinarians and provide animal care.

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