We rescue small dogs with big hearts! We are a volunteer group that helps primarily Boston Terriers, Boston mixes and other small dogs when resources permit. We rescue locally and all around the country - if our help is needed. Check out our Available Dogs to see a current listing of our dogs waiting to be adopted. ALL dogs are in foster homes as we do NOT have a shelter where you can visit.

To learn more about us please click the following link:


Or email us at Friendsoha@yahoo.com

Normally we do not process applications unless you select a specific dog & do a deposit of $200 using our Paypal Donate link - we are all volunteers with limited resources - your deposit tells us you are serious. Once we have your deposit we will hold the dog for you while we process your application. If you are not approved to adopt or we can not provide the dog you are interested in, your deposit is refunded. If you are approved, the deposit is applied toward the total donation of the dog.

If the dog is not a good match, we will work with you to find another dog, but the deposit is Not refundable. We want you to be certain that this is a decision your have thought through thoroughly & not just a whim so if you change your mind for any reason, your deposit is Not Refundable!