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Ways to help.

Have you fallen in love with one of our animals but you can't bring it home?

Why not help it get adopted by volunteering to walk the animal regularly or just spend some time training him/her. An animal that is well-behaved stands a much better chance of being adopted. You'll be so happy when you find out the animal has a forever home and the unconditional love received makes it all worth it.

We need your support to operate the dog and cat no-kill animal shelters and to continue to offer low-cost spay/neuter services. Your help, whether monetary, time or services, is greatly needed and appreciated.

In reality there are countless ways to help get these orphaned pets into a real home, some of them include:

  • Walk dogs.
  • Attend public education days and try to educate people on responsible pet ownership.
  • Foster a dog or cat.
  • Host rescue photos with an information link on your web site.
  • Help organize and run a fundraising event.
  • Use your video camera to film a rescue dog or cat in action.
  • Volunteer at an adoption event.
  • Lend your artistic talents to HSMC's newsletter, fundraising ideas,T-shirt designs.
  • Collect dog or cat food.
  • Sponsor a dog or cat until it is adopted.
  • Put together an Owner's Manual for those who adopt rescued dogs or cat.
  • Get some friends together to build/repair pens for a foster home.
  • Remember that rescuing a dog or cat involves the effort and time of many people - make yourself available on an emergency basis to do whatever is needed.