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image007.jpgOrganized on June 1, 2002

image008.jpgOfficially incorporated as a nonprofit charitable organization 501(c)-3 on April 7, 2003.

image019.gifWe felt the need for an all-foster home sanctuary rescue organization grounded on a foundation of faith in the divine providence of God and in providing a good, proper stewardship for His creation.

image014.gifGod brings each family and pet together through us. He uses our relationship with animals to teach us to love and to bring out the best in us.

And so it began, "The animals came two by two."




Apu Body.JPGWe are a non-profit all-foster home cat rescue sanctuary adoption organization operating on Christian values.


image002.jpgOur primary mission is to rescue pets from area shelters and veterinarians that are scheduled to be euthanized


IzzyStand.jpgWe accept pets from owners and good-Samaritans on a SPACE available basis only. There is rarely room for such pets, as we are usually kept quite full by our primary mission and are limited by the number of foster homes we have.


image017.gifWe also work within our community to provide educational programs and social programs such as our Special Blessings program that partners our sanctuary foster animals with area schools and colleges to provide educational opportunities.


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