We are a registered non-profit group of volunteers based in Saskatoon, SK. dedicated to rescuing unwanted, stray, abandoned, neglected and abused dogs.

All of our rescued dogs are placed in foster care homes when we have a foster home available until a permanent home can be found. Here the dogs receive much needed attention, love, training, and exercise on a daily basis. Being in a home environment can eliminate stress, neurotic behaviors, and illness that may happen with living in a cage or kennel. Being in a home environment allows for an on-going assessment of the dog and what the dog is like to live with. Knowing the dogs personality and quirks helps to determine the best possible permanent home for each dog.

It is our main goal to place each dog in a nurturing and loving environment in a permanent home suited to each dog. A lot of time, effort and emotional involvment go into rescue work and we do not want it to be wasted. We will work with interested adopters to make the best match for both the dog and the family. See Adopting a Dog for more information about our adoption procedure

All dogs that come into New Hope Dog Rescue are spayed or neutered funds permitting and receive vaccinations prior to being adopted. New Hope Dog Rescue has generated a wish list of other needed supplies we hope to have donated to us so that we can continue to put monetary funds toward spaying, neutering and vaccination costs.

Through our rescue efforts we also strive to educate the public on humane treatment, lifelong commitment, and population control through spaying and neutering.

At New Hope Dog Rescue Incorporated our dogs are our main concern. Rescued, homeless, abandoned, neglected and abused dogs have been through enough upheaval once, we don't want them to experience it again. It is our goal to find loving, nurturing environments in permanent homes suited to each individual dog. To ensure this to the best of our means we go through what may seem a lengthy process. We want potential adopters to be fully aware of the responsibilities involved in loving and giving a home to one of our dogs. If you are interested in adopting one of our rescue dogs you can expect to be involved in the following process:

New Hope Dog Rescue reserves the right to refuse an applicant.

If you are interested in being a foster home for New Hope Dog Rescue (NHDR) this is the process you can expect to be involved in.

You will be asked to fill in a foster care application sheet and to sign a foster care contract. NHDR coordinators will contact you with further information and answer any questions you may have. If you will make a suitable foster home we will add you to our list of available foster homes.

When NHDR receives a rescue dog we will refer to our foster care list and determine the best match of foster home and dog. The foster home will be contacted and we will pass along all information that we have on the dog (remember with some dogs there may be no information available). We will arrange for the dog to be moved to the foster home ASAP. We will arrange a time for spaying/neutering and vaccination of the dog. NHDR will cover the costs of spay/neuter operations, vaccinations and of any medical situations which may occur. Foster homes can expect to pay for food and any dog items they deem necessary for the rescue dog (treats, training equipment, beds, blankets etc).

Once in a foster home we like to allow the dog some time to settle in with the foster home so a more correct assessment of the dog can be established. The time line will depend on the dog. In the event that a dog comes in without any history of vaccinations the foster home can expect to have the dog for 5-6 weeks as two sets of booster shots will need to be administered in this time frame prior to the dog being adopted. Ideally we like rescues to spend whatever time they need with a foster home until they are stable and prepared to make the adjustment to a new home.

Once the dog has received necessary care and training and is ready for adoption NHDR with help from the foster home will begin the process of searching for a new home. NHDR will arrange visits between potential adopters and the foster home. If someone contacts the foster home expressing interest in the dog it is the foster homes responsibility to notify NHDR so that the necessary paperwork is filled in and a second assessment of potential adopters can be made by NHDR coordinators. Are main concern is to make the best possible match for the dog.

When a potential new home is found NHDR will arrange with the foster home for the dog to spend some time with the potential adopters and will refer to the foster home for their feelings and opinions on the potential adopters. If the match is successful there will be a 24-hour time period for the adopters to think about their decision and for the foster home to prepare for the dog to leave.

We want our foster homes to be involved in the process of re-homing and will strive to maintain regular contact with foster homes that are caring for a rescue dog. Foster homes are an important part of rescue. We want our foster homes to feel that they can contact NHDR coordinators at any time with their questions and concerns.

You do not have to be a dog trainer or have any special talents to foster. You must be able to provide time, care, love and food for a dog on a shorter term basis (until the dog is adopted). Fostering allows people an opportunity to see if a dog is the right pet for their family before making a lifelong commitment. It can allow people who travel and are away from home for several months of the year a chance to enjoy the company of a pet when they are at home. Fostering gives some people the chance to discover what type of dog they can live with. If you love dogs being a foster home is a great way to learn and experience and to give back to man's best friend.

If you are interested in being a foster home contact us at:newhoperescue@hotmail.com

If you can help by donating any of the following supplies or anything else you think we can use or if you would like to contribute a monetary donation to New Hope Dog Rescue please contact us. We will arrange for the pick up of the donated supplies. Our supplies are shared with and distributed to our foster care homes as they are needed. Monetary donations go to the cost of spaying and neutering.