MLDHS Adoption Guidelines


  • You must be at least 21 years old.

  • You must be able to make a LONG term commitment to an animal - both emotional and financial.

  • We do not adopt pets as gifts.

  • For dogs: you must have a fenced in yard or be committed to multiple daily leash walks in ALL kinds of weather and when you are sick or not feeling well.

  • All current pets must be spayed or neutered and go for regular vet care. (This will be verified)

  • For families with children under 5:we will not adopt certain breeds to you.

  • Cats cannot be declawed after adoption.

  • Dogs cannot have ears or tails docked after adoption.

  • We reserve the right to deny any application.

  • We know the personalities of each of the animals that we have in rescue. We know what is the ideal home environment for each of them and will make our decisions based on that information.

  • If you do not agree with any of these terms please do not apply for one of our pets.

  • Our adoption process usually takes 7 -10 days.

  • ADOPTION FEES: For Dogs/Pups that are altered, up to date on shots, wormed and started on preventatives adoption fee is $160.00.
    For Pups that are too young to be altered but are up to date on shots and wormed and started on preventatives the adoption fee is $160 plus a separate $300 deposit that is refunded with proof of altering.

    For Cats/Kittens that are altered, up to date on shots, and wormed the adoption fee is $60.00.
    For Kittens that are too young to be altered but are up to date on shots and wormed the adoption fee is $60.00 plus a separate $100 deposit that is refunded with proof of altering.

  • We prefer to communicate by email to save our precious money for the care of the animals. Our email address is:
    Our mailing address is:
    Box 944, Meadow Lake, SK   S9X 1Y7.



Please fill out the entire application completely. Your application will not be processed if you leave blanks. If you rent you must supply name and phone number of your landlord. You need to have the name and phone number of your vet or the vet you intend to use.


Animal Interested in:(name and breed is required)


City:  Prov or State:  Postal Code or Zip Code:

Home Phone:  Work Phone:  Cell Phone:  D.O.B.:

Email Address:

Type of Pet you are looking for:

Why do you want a pet?:

What experience do you have with companion animals?

Name/Breed/Age of Current Pets:

Are They Spayed/Neutered?:

If not why:  Your Vet:  Phone #:

How many people in your household:  Adults/Ages:  Children/Ages:

Do you own or rent your residence:  If Renting - Landlord name/phone #:

Type of residence:

How long have you lived there:  Size of yard:

Is the yard fenced:  Type of fencing:
How high is fencing:  Is your yard completely enclosed by a fence or do you have a dog run?:

If your yard is not fenced do you realized that a dog must be leash walked several times a day rain or shine or when you are not feeling well:

How long have you been looking for a pet?:

Where else have you looked?:

Where will the pet be kept during the day:  Nights:

How many hours a day will pet be left unattended:
Does someone come in during the day to take care of pets:
Does anyone in your home have pet allergies:

Are you aware of yearly costs to maintain a pet:
Are you aware of laws pertaining to licensing, required shots and leash laws in your area?:

It takes at least 2 weeks for a pet to adjust to its new home, especially if you have other pets.
Are you prepared to allow this much time for pet to adjust?:

Have you ever given up a pet:  If yes explain:

Do you realize a pet can live 15 - 20 years:
Are you prepared for this?:

How many times a year do you travel?:

Where will your pets stay?:

What will happen to your pet if you move?:

Change jobs:  Have a child:

If this is your first pet:

How will you housetrain:

Have you read up on behavioural problems?:

Researched different food types:

Read up on crate training:  Bought a crate:

Would you be willing to bring your pet to obedience classes if they are recommended by MLDHS:

Are you willing for one of our volunteers to do a home visit:

Have you read our adoption requirements?:

Please give 2 personal references (including Phone numbers):

If you live outside of Meadow Lake:  How do you plan to pick up or transport your pet to you?  Please provide details:

I have read all questions carefully and answered truthfully. If an omission or untruth is discovered after the adoption takes place, MLDHS reserves the right to annul the adoption and reclaim the animal. I give MLDHS permission to investigate all of the information that I have provided. I understand that MLDHS will decide which home is most appropriate for each animal in their care and that their decision on the appropriate home is final.

By initialling this box I am agreeing to the above statements. Applications without this box initialled will not be accepted.


Some applications are declined not because of any of the information provided but because the animal they have applied for is not a good match for that home.  MLDHS will discuss this with the applicant.




By clicking submit, I am stating that the above questions, to the best of my knowledge, are answered honestly and accurately.





Please email to verify we have received your application.