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The HES is pleased to offer a variety of companion animals for adoption to qualifying families and individuals.  Adopting an animal that is otherwise homeless is a tremendous opportunity to find a friend for life! We are extremely happy when one of our animals are adopted to a loving home; not only are we able to see the joy in an animal's face at the prospect of "going home" but also know that there is space for one more animal in need!  We and your community thank you for saving an animal through your adoption!

We ask, however, that you take the time to browse through the following information to consider all aspects of the adoption process.  We offer a list of questions to ask of yourself before making the final decision to adopt.  We also would like to tell you about the joys of adopting a mature pet.  Finally we ask that you familiarize yourself with the actual process of adopting a companion animal through HES!  Oh, and did you want to take a look at some of the pets we have to offer?  Well, that's the most exciting part, isn't it?  You can find many of our adoptable animals listed right here at Petfinder's!

Of course, at the shelter, our friendly staff is always available to guide you through whatever questions you may have.  Thank you for considering the adoption of one of our animals.  There are none more deserving that those we shelter.

Pet Care


Please visit the Humane Society United States(HSUS) for great information on pet care and more!


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Humane Educational Society

Chattanooga, Tennessee

212 N. Highland Park Ave.
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Teacher's Pet Fundraising Campaign!

TEACHER'S PET is a fundraiser involving the teachers and students of Hamilton County, benefiting the Humane Educational Society (HES). During the month of March, participating teachers throughout Hamilton County schools will be "campaigning" their pet as the top choice for "Teacher’s Pet" within their school. Read more and find out how to help!


Getting to Zero Campaign™

HES is committed to end euthanasia of trainable, adoptable and treatable animals now!

Read more here



             Petsmart on Gunbarrel Road

The HES/MBPAC and Petsmart have joined together to create our new Adopt-A-Cat program. Petsmart is partnering with us to showcase our adorable cats at their store! Located near the center of the store, Petsmart has a special area just for you to view and cuddle our homeless cats, and maybe even take one home! Our thanks to the supportive staff at Petsmart for giving us this wonderful opportunity for the animals! Stop in to meet some of our homeless kitties just for a cuddle or to consider adoption of that special one for you!



Out-of-Area Adoptions

We are sorry, but we do not ship our pets.  We do welcome out of area/state adoptions, however, you will need to visit our shelter personally to fill out an adoption contract.





The Humane Educational Society of Chattanooga, Tennessee is a rescue friendly organization. Please contact us for more information.


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