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How, What,When, Where (You Already Know Why)



For a commitment of six months or more, your minimum donation of $20 per month helps pay for food, medical care, and general support of an animal in the care of Noah's Arc. You are encouraged to select an animal of your choice. You will be issued a certificatethat includes a picture and description of the animal. If you do not wish to select an animal, we will be glad to select one for you.


Your contributions to this fund will directly support spay and neuter services for individuals who need help getting their pets spayed or neutered. This is key to controlling the pet population in our community by preventing unwanted litters. This will also help reduce the number of animals entering local shelters and facing the real threat of euthanasia.
You can donate by mailing a check or electronically on our paypal account or on our gofundme page. 



Noah's Arc's general fund is used to pay for everything needed for daily operations and animal care. Examples of these needs would be food, litter, litter boxes, dog houses, food dishes, collars, leashes, etc.


Donations made to the medical fund will be used for animals in need of more extensive medical care such as heartworm treatment, mange, and surguries that may be needed for injuries like broken bones.


Bitsey Hull was a Noah's Arc volunteer and board member for many years before her death. She especially loved the older dogs. The Bitsey Hull Memorial Fund is used for Noah's Arc's senior dogs. Donations to this fund are used to purchase special food, bedding, medical care, and any other needs our seniors may need.


For a minimum donation of $20, an honorarium or memorial of a loved one (people or pets) will be listed in the newsletter. For a minimum donation of $50, an expanded honorarium or memorial (with text & photo) will be placed.


This fund is used to pay for any maintenance and improvents that may be needed to the Noah's Arc property. It pays for mowing, painting, fence and building repairs, as well as any other needed land and building needs.

To make a donation using PayPal, please click the button below.



Noah's Arc shirts are available in a variety of colors, and are priced as follows: T-shirts $15; Long Sleeve T-shirts $15; Sweatshirts $20; Hooded Sweatshirts $25. New colors available just in time for spring; lime, heliconia, chestnut, sapphire and stone blue. For more information or to order your shirt, please contact us, or stop by Lakeway Animal Hospital in Jefferson City 865-475-4786.


Calling All Noah's Arc Supporters: Please become or renew your Noah's Arc membership when it expires. Your membership dues are an important part of keeping us afloat financially. Spread the word to your friends, neighbors, work colleagues and fellow church members to join Noah's Arc and support our mission of rescuing homeless animals. The more, the merrier!
With your paid membership, you will receive our monthly newsletter for one year. Noah's Arc offers Family/Individual Memberships for $25, Senior Citizen/Student Memberships for $10, and a Deluxe Membership for $36.


Donate .05% to Noah's Arc with every purchase. Log in to amazon smile using you amazon account information, select Noahs Arc as your charity (make sure you select the Talbott, TN location), and then shop as you would normally do.

New TShirt Design Just In!

Just in time for your holiday shopping, Noah's Arc T-shirts with a new design on the front and back are now in.  Available in both short and long sleeved versions and in several colors, we are so excited about our new shirts and you will be, too.  Perfect for the animal lover on your list, the shirts are available at Lakeway Animal Hospital and Howard's Pharmacy for $15.  Get yours while they last!

Become a Member or Make a Donation

Click the button below for a membership form that can be printed and mailed in along with your membership fee or donation.



General Fund

Pet Supplies Plus
Susan Widener & David Briley
Lori Jaynes
Rita’s Italian Ice
Clint & Sheri Miller
Jane Braner
Barbara Murph
Charles Sides
Sigrid Yancey
Lisa Lindley
Shirley McGaha
James Charnley
Theresa & Francis Beaudoin
Rippetoe, Inc.
Missy Young
Aetna Foundation
Bill Cahoon
Willa & Paul Holtzclaw
Carol Stroud
Lisa Noah
Linda Rutzinski
Wendy & Stephen Szatkowski
Clara Jo Goode 
Greg and Sarah Eichelman 
Jill Cameron
Larry Bolt
Michael and Robin Casey
Larry and Beverly Smith
Esco and Kathy Jarnigan
Elaine and Kenneth Cole
Norma Buttry
Michael and Robin Casey
Stan and Sondra Sankowski
Irene Higgs
Mary Lee
Annie Hopkins
Ralph Tucker
Carol Varner
Di-Fi Solutions
Marshall and Carolyn Biddix
David Tilson
Martha Jones and Oliver Feagins Brantley Burns
Clint & Sheri Miller
Janice Hurst
Nancy Adams
Jill Talley
Michael Satterfield
Tom and Diana Herring
James Werth
Karen Franck
Shama Peoples
Allen and Janet Keller
Julie Ellis
Charles Sides

Medical Fund

Lisa Lindley
David Carter
Ginger Bailey

Bitsey Hull Senior Dog
Memorial Fund

Pitton Family
Lisa Lindley 

Spay/Neuter Fund

Carol Stroud
Hilde Gambino  



o Ben & Darsi Sirknen
o Brenda Hodge
o Charles Sides
o Chester Smith        
o Ginger Bailey
o J’Mel Goode
o Jim & Sharon Hipshire
o Karen & Terry Hodge

o Lonnie Butler
o Louis Steinwedel
o Marilynn Walman
o Martha Jones & Oliver Feagins
o Mary Knight
o Mary, Jimmy, & Amy Hodges
o Pat Howard
o Sharon & Joseph Aurigemma 
o Cassandra Smith 

o Sue Sewing & Diana Wolfram
o Susan & Roger Kinsler
o William David Carter
o Heidi Berg
o Janet Drass-Talbot
o Billie McElroy
o Holly Myers
o Susan Widener 


Gifts In Memory or In Honor

In Memory of Scarlette, given by Casheena Mobley 

In Memory of Benton Havely, given by Linda Kilday 

In Memory of Jack and Koda, given by Lisa Lindley 

In Memory of Benton Havely, given by Dan and Charlene Dryan 

In Memory of Jinx, beloved cat of Paul McQuade and Martha Lionberger

In Memory of Bitsy Hull, given by Rose Ann Trantham 

In Memory of Hugo, Suzy, & Delilah(cats), given by Lonnie Butler 
In Memory of Lucy, beloved dog of Laura Dickerson, given by Tish Jones 
In Memory of Penny Dog & Rose, given by John and Melinda Coates 
In Memory of Louise McNeil, given by Regina, Sarah, Chris, Samuel, & Danny Hicks 
In Memory of Lisa Kirk, given by Steve and Bandi Hammer 
In Memory of Lovey(dog), given by Ginger Bailey 
In Memory of Judith Tucker, given by Ralph Tucker 
In Memory of Charly, given by Hilde Gambino 

In Honor of Abbie, given by Casheena Mobley

In Honor of Elaine Chester, given by Gayle Fehlmann

In Honor of Angie Jones and all her animals, given by Marsha Jones 

In Honor of Darlene Leach, given by Cheryl Norris 
In Honor of Ferguson and Romines Pets, given by Sigrid Yancey 
In Honor of Kimberly Smith, given by Cassandra Smith 
In Honor of my friends Marty and Dwight Sharp, given by John Kortz 


P.O. Box 1031
Talbott, TN 37877-1031

Phone: 1-423-586-2293

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