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Noah's Arc, Inc.

A Tennessee Non-Profit Corporation

"Neighbors Organizing Animal Health; Safety; And Responsible Care" 

        NOAH'S ARC is a nonprofit 501c (3), "NO-KILL", animal rescue organization founded in 1991, as an alternative to animal shelters. We have grown from 6 members to over 400 in and out of Tennessee. We are funded solely from donations and fundraisers with 100% of money raised going directly to improving the health and lives of rescued animals. Since 1991, we have placed over 4,000 rescue animals, (many with handicaps or special needs), into quality, loving homes. The purposes of Noah's Arc have expanded to encompass the rescue of abandoned, abused, injured or impaired animals; providing medical attention; finding foster or permanent homes for the animals; educating the local public regarding pet overpopulation; and providing low or no cost spaying/neutering of ARC animals and community pets. NOAH'S ARC animals are housed at our Dog Harbor and Cat Haven locations. Animals are also fostered in various homes in and around the Morristown, TN area. If you are interested in seeing any of our pets, appointments can be made with our adoption coordinator Susan Widener 423-586-2293. Pets are shown by appointment only. 

Calling all adopters of Noah's Arc animals! 

To celebrate our 25th anniversary in September, we'd like to run photos of animals you have adopted from us over the years. If you have adopted from us since we began in 1991, please email us a photo of your baby with your name, the pet's name and the year of adoption, if you know it. Our email address is If you would prefer, you can send it to us at Noah's Arc, PO Box 1031, Talbott, TN 37877. If you would like it returned to you, please include a stamped self-addressed envelope.

Adoption Spotlight!

Adoptable Dog of the Month

Meet Maddie, a nine month old female mix who was rescued from the side of the road where she'd spent two weeks looking for her humans.  She's a trim thirty pounds with a beautiful short-haired coat.  Friendly, sweet, playful and very companionable, she's fine with other dogs and seems to be drawn to kids.  Enjoys riding in the car.  Crate and house trained, calm in the house.

Adoptable Cat of the Month

Meet adorable Terrie. She was born in 2009 and has lived her life in rescue . Terrie is ready for her forever home. Come meet this beautiful big tabby!

Spaying and Neutering Key to Ending Animal Overpopulation

At Noah's Arc, we are dedicated to rescuing and rehoming stray, abused and abandoned animals. But like the Maytag repairman in the old commercial, we would love to find ourselves in a world where our phone never rang seeking help for a homeless animal in need. The sad reality is that as long as some pet owners fail to spay or neuter their cat or dog, an endless cycle of unwanted litters of puppies and kittens will be the result.

Take a look at the math: in the first year, one unspayed female cat can produce three litters with an average of four kittens per litter, resulting in twelve cats. In the second year, those twelve cats can produce 144 offspring and by the time the fourth year is reached, the original mother cat and her offspring may produce an exponential 20,736 offspring! While dogs are not quite so prolific, the math is still staggering: in the first year a mother dog on average will produce four offspring and by the end of the fifth year, there may be as many as 324 offspring that trace back to the original unspayed mother dog.

Sadly, at least some of these dogs and cats will end up on the street or at kill shelters. According to the American Humane Association,2.7 million animals are euthanized every year at shelters due to the fact that there are not enough willing adopters.  

In addition to reducing the burden of unwanted animals, spayed and neutered dogs and cats live longer. According to a USA Today(May 7, 2013) article, pets who live in the states with the highest rates of spaying and neutering also live the longest. Neutered male dogs live 18% longer than unneutered male dogs and spayed female dogs live 23% longer. In Mississippi, the lowest-ranking state for pet longevity, 44% of the dogs are not neutered or spayed. Spaying and neutering reduces the risk of certain cancers(uterine, testicular and other reproductive systems) and also reduces the urge to roam, decreasing the risk of contracting diseases or getting hurt as animals roam. (North Shore Animal League). Surveys indicate that as many as 85% of dogs hit by cars are unaltered. (North Shore Animal League). Intact male cats living outside live on average less than two years. ( North Shore Animal League). Studies also show that most dog bites involve dogs who are unaltered.

Noah's Arc is committed to ending the problem of homeless and unwanted animals by spaying and neutering. All animals adopted through Noah's Arc are spayed or neutered and Noah's Arc also has an active trap-neuter-release program for feral cats. From June 2015 through March 2016, Noah's Arc spayed or neutered 265 cats and 107 dogs. None of this would be possible without the assistance of Lakeway Animal Hospital and White Pine Veterinary Services and we cannot thank them enough.

If you would like to donate to our spay/neuter fund, simply designate that on your donation check or visit our spay/neuter campaign at

"He who is cruel to animals becomes hard also in his dealings with men.
 We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." -Immanuel Kant

Meet Your 2016 Noah's Arc
Officers and Board Members

President - Susan Widener

Vice President - Linda Rippetoe

Secretary - Chris Reyes

Treasurer - Tammie Moore

Returning Board Members - Kim Hall, Robin Evans, Martha Lionberger,

Robyn Robinson, Mary Moffat, Lia Overholt, Pam Rankin, Kelly Moore

New Board Members - Trish Hatfield Adams, Perry Hall, Elaine Chester


P.O. Box 1031
Talbott, TN 37877-1031

Phone: 1-423-586-2293

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