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NOAH'S ARC is always in need of new volunteers and good, safe foster homes for our pets. We house pets of all ages and sizes, many that are not listed on our website. Additional volunteers and foster care/homes are always needed. Our volunteers provide much of the human interaction the animals receive. Areas in which volunteers perform include; feeding, grooming, training, cleaning, seasonal tasks, public pet adoptions, fundraisers, and most important.... spending time with the animals in our care. Even if you can only volunteer a few hours per month, your time will be a huge contribution to those animals you visit and care for. Foster Care is another way of helping. If you can open your home or land to an animal that is in rescue, it has a great impact on their life. For many of our animals, foster homes become their only break from the confines of their pens at NOAH'S ARC. Even if you can only foster short term, it could make a tremendous difference in the life of a homeless pet. If you would like to give some love and attention to our animals by volunteering at our facility or fostering one of our pets while they are awaiting a permanent home, please contact us via phone or email, and we will arrange for an interview.

We welcome individual volunteers, couples, as well as friends and family groups. (Children under the age of 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian/designee). If you are a animal lover, please consider visiting with the NOAH'S ARC family! Home checks are required for all Foster Homes.Still want to help but can't foster or volunteer your time right now? Participating in our sponsorship program, donating money, pet items, or participating in fundraisers are other ways of helping. 

Thank you for considering NOAH'S ARC! 

Help Noah's Arc By Fostering a Dog

Looking for a way to help dogs in need?  Love dogs but not quite ready for the lifelong commitment of ownership?  Becoming a foster might be a perfect answer for you.

What does fostering mean?  It means bringing a homeless dog into your home, caring for them and providing them with affection and socialization until a permanent family comes along who will love them forever.

The benefits of fostering are numerous.  For one, you have a hand in helping make a dog more "adoptable."  Often times, certain dogs may not show well in a kennel environment.  While fostering a dog, you are able to provide attention, exercise and stimulation, creating a calmer dog in the kennel closer to  what the dog's behavior will look like in a home environment.  You can also work with the dog on leash training, house training and basic commands that will make the dog more appealing to potential adopters.

In fact, you have the opportunity to change a dog's future.  Some of our rescues have endured a difficult past such as abuse, neglect or under-socialization.  As a foster, you have the chance to gain a dog's trust, show them human touch and love, perhaps for the first time, provide an environment for them to feel safe and watch them transform before your eyes.  Conversely, some of our rescues come from home environments and are confused and bewildered by a kennel setting.  Fostering them keeps them from regressing to a frightened, insecure dog.  

And finally, when the day comes that your foster finds his forever home, the rewarding feeling you will experience is like no other high, knowing that you have helped your foster find a happy ending.

So, change a life, save a life and become a foster today!  If you are interested, please call or email us.

Take a look at Judy, age 10, who spent several years with us before she got a chance at a foster home in New York City through our partner transport group, For Pets Sake.  Here's what her foster mother says about her:  "She is very affectionate and likes to snuggle next to you....very friendly to people she meets and likes to say hello to everyone.  Though a little nervous walking around the city right now, coming from Tennessee, she likes to walk and seems to be happy here."  For Judy, the foster home is helping her get adjusted to being in a home after several years in a kennel and get used to being in the city.

Here's Lucy in her foster home.  Lucy, age 12, spent 10 years with us before finding a foster home in New York City.   Lucy had mange over most of her body when we rescued her, starving, from the side of Valley Home Rd. in Dandridge.  For Lucy, especially, the foster home is providing her with a much needed boost of confidence and trust that will make her more adoptable.

Special Thanks to all of Noah's Arc's 
Animal Care Volunteers!

Marsha Adams
Myra Arzaga
Sanda Beasley
David Briley
Dona Byron
David Carter
Elaine Chester
Tom Deaderick
Robin Evans 

Chris Hall 
Nancy Haun 
Terry and Karen Hodge

Martha Jones
Susan Kinsler
Mary Lee 
Michaela McDonald
Kelly Moore
Kelsey Nelson
Glenda Owens
Bob Pollock
Bronson Quinn

Tina Rines
Lynn Spain
Linda Rippetoe 
Carole Violett
Stacey and Frank Whetstone
Sheila Whitt
Susan Widener
Charlene Wyatt
Nikki Yeary 

Service Volunteers for November

Gamma Sigma Sigma Does It Again!

Once again, Carson-Newman service sorority Gamma Sigma Sigma had a work day at Noah's Arc on November 15. They helped out with both the cats and the dogs, spreading lots of love. Thanks, Gamma Sigma Sigma!

Service Volunteers for October...

Gamma Sigma Sigma, a sorority at Carson Newman University that focuses on community service, helped us out at Noah's Arc on October 20.  Gamma Sigma Sigma has been volunteering at Noah's Arc for the past several years and we really appreciate their help.  Thanks, Gamma Sigma Sigma!

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