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BabeHello! When Babe was found abused and broken, Sara Martinez, founder of Hip Dysplasia Funding, came to our rescue with a very generous donation. Thanks to Sara and many of you, Babe was able to have his second surgery and today he is physically healthy, able to run and play with the best of them. Babe is finishing his second faze of rehabilitation now, which is helping him deal with his fear of men, and he is receiving proper obedience training. Babe is now a well mannered doggie citizen showing the world that pitties really are very good doggies. Babe is ready for his new family now ~ see his page on Petfinder ~ and Sara Martinez was a huge reason for his success.

Today Sara is asking for our help. No, she's not asking us for money. The Pepsi Refresh Grant Program is offering a $25,000 for the rescues with the most votes. Won't you please vote for Sara? This grant will be used to help animals like Babe, animals that might otherwise have to be euthanized because the funding just isn't there to give them the operation and therapy treatments needed to help them live.

Here are a few words from Sara:

I am the founder of Hip Dysplasia Funding, a non-profit organization that assists dogs with Hip Dysplasia. Hip Dysplasia is a disease that causes many dogs pain and can cause enough suffering that the dog must be euthanized. Our organization raises money to assist rescues, shelters and families pay for surgery or other medical care for their dysplastic dog. Our hope is to help dogs live a happier and more fulfilled lives. We have been accepted as a part of the Pepsi Refresh Grant Program. For the entire month of June we will be receiving votes from people like you. We will be in the running for a $25,000 grant, and if we receive enough votes to put us in the top ten of our category, we will be awarded this grant. A large portion of the grant, $20,000, will go directly to dogs in need. Each person is allowed 10 votes per day, but you can only vote for a cause once per day. Please click here and vote for us daily. We need all of your help to help our dogs in need. Please share this with all of your friends, family and animal lovers!

We appreciate your support!
Sara Martinez
Hip Dysplasia Funding

Join me in voting daily and lets help them get that grant!
Thank you on behalf of Babe and me!
Silver Rescue

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