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BooBOO and her sisters are only 3 or 4 months old; their mother, still a kitten herself, is just a little over 8 months old and already they have lived a life of horror in their short time on this earth. They and some others living in the woods behind the apartment complex were stoned, shot at with bb guns and those they could catch were kicked against the apartment walls or trees like footballs by nasty teenagers. BOO and her little family escaped death, but BOO sustained an eye injury and her mother has pellets under her skin. BOO's eye is punctured. Sadly it cannot be saved. It has to be removed. It is so sad that this pretty little girl will be maimed for life.

But BOO wouldn't know. She purrs contentedly. She doesn't care that her eye is oozing. She just wipes at it and gets on with her life. BOO is a spunky little girl. She talks a mile a minute, and she can't wait to play and explore. I am confident she will make it through the surgery and aftermath just fine and will be ready for adoption in about a month. But the surgery is costly, almost $300.

Times are hard but somehow we will find the funds to pay for BOO's surgery. We know our loyal supporters feel the same way we do, that every animal's life is worth saving. Your gift will make huge difference and we hope you can help.

Please donate what you can. No matter the amount, all donations are hugely appreciated. If 300 people give just $1, the vet bill would be wiped out in no time and BOO and Silver Rescue will be eternally grateful.

Your donations may be called in directly to:
Grassmere Animal Hospital
(3926 Nolensville Rd., Nashville, TN 37211)

Or through PayPal:

Or Snail Mail it to:
Silver Rescue
P.O. Box 111888
Nashville, TN 37222

Thank you very much for your generosity and kindness.

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