Silver Rescue

Boo has healed

Hi Everybody! BOO here. I just wanted to quickly give you an update. Several of you have written and asked about me. Well, I'm doing real well. It took a little while and I was very sick with massive infections after my surgery, but with heavy duty antibiotics I pulled through just fine. I have healed well and Karina finally let me run around with the big cats. I tell you, those big cats are a pain in the patootie. All they do is hiss and spit and give me the evil eye. And all I wanna do is play with them. I jump and run and turn somersaults. And then they hiss again. I don't get it. Karina says, it's about time I learned some kitty manners. I don't see why this is necessary, but whatever....

BooI wanted to also tell you that I'm ready to go to my very own home. Really me, my brother Bailey and our momma Raven are ready for adoption. If you have a mind to want to love me or my family, please ask Karina to send you an application. Me and my brother are playful and full of kitten silliness. We like to be held and kissed on for a moment, just a moment!, but then pluleeeeease let us bounce off and chase toy mice, bat balls around, chew on a dog's tail, and annoy the old cranky pusses. Don't get me wrong, I love getting kisses, but I'm just so busy being a kitten. You know? You'll just have to be patient until we're a bit more grown up. But until then, we promise to entertain you. My momma is a little more refined but she's only about 6 months older than us and she is also still playful. And she really loooooves to get belly rubs and lays beside you ever so contentedly. Puuuur puuuur puuuuur... How booooring! Anyway, in case you're wondering, we are all black, soft velvety beauties.

And gosh! Don't you just love my new official portrait? Don't I look great? I look at my old picture now and I look so pitiful. Karina says she's looking for me a red eye patch. I want to be a famous pirate when I grow up. If you find one, would you send it to me?

Thank you so very much for all your kind donations, your well wishes and prayers! You saved my life. You are my angels.



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