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Merry ChristmasDuring this holiday season, we at Silver Rescue would like to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support that made the difference for many animals this year...


Spot Sweet Spot was dying before our eyes. (Read her story here.) It was heartbreaking. She was eating like a horse and still kept loosing weight. It was a most helpless feeling. By the time her disease had progressed enough to be diagnosable, she was so thin I wondered how she could still be standing. When the diagnosis could finally be made you were there with your donations, love, and prayers to give her the life saving treatment she needed. It’s been nearly a year and she is healthy, happy and enjoying her life again.

Thank you! We couldn't have done it without you.


Gemma Gemma was on death row. That day all the Chihuahuas and all the JRT that were on death row with her were rescued, but no one wanted Gemma. Why? Because she was deemed aggressive! Dumped by her owner she sat in the cage barking herself hoarse from fear and loneliness. Did anyone try to figure out what was really the matter? No! They just deemed her dangerous. Silver Rescue has had a lot of experience with so called aggressive dogs. We were sure that all she needed was a chance. The young lady who picked her up knew right away that we were right. Gemma sat in her lap, kissing her all the way to us. So much for aggression! Gemma lives harmoniously with cats and dogs in her foster home.

Thank You! Gemma thanks her lucky stars and you!


Daisy When I first saw Daisy coming into my cattery for feral cats, I thought she was a he. Fat and clean, I just knew he belonged to someone. Then one day he showed up skinny as a rail. I made a mental note to trap him and get him to the vet. But before I was able to do that, he brought 3 kittens into the cattery. So he became a she. I knew the kittens would never survive. I’d already seen her treed by roaming, hungry, dumped dogs so I began to trap the little family. Momma Daisy would have been better named Ninja Momma. She had no use for me and bit me and dug her claws into me every chance she had. The kittens were little hissing machines but at 8 to 10 weeks old I knew I had a chance to turn them around. Little by little they learned to accept me and today they are lovable and huggable and ready for their own forever home. Even Ninja Momma has turned a corner and seeks me out for caresses. Mostly when its time to eat but what they hey, I take my blessings where I can.

Thank You! Without you, we would not have the resources to help feral kitties and make them adoptable!


Peaches Peaches was thrown from a moving car unto a concrete side walk. She was malnourished, dirty and sickly and had road rash from the skid across the side walk. At nearly two months she barely weighed a pound. She should have weight two pounds. She was terrified. For nearly 24 hours she vibrated in fear almost none stop. Over the next few weeks she battled mysterious illnesses and we weren’t sure she’d make it through. But she did and when it was safe we introduced her to Ninja Momma and her kittens. They eventually adopted her into their little family and soon she began to learn to be a normal happy kitten. And true to the temperament of a feisty, determined calico she pulled through and began growing and catching up to the size and weight she was supposed to be. She is healthy now and ready for her own forever family.

Thank You! We couldn’t have saved her without you!


Narly Narly was so emaciated and weak he lay down in the middle of the street to die. One of our foster moms, had been trying to lure him in for several weeks but he was just too afraid. It was clear he’d been beaten and terrorized and he trusted no one. That day he had no strength left to worry about it. She picked him up and carried him home. With gentle love she nursed him back to health and he slowly he began to trust. Narly was a star student in obedience school and turned out to be one of the most easy going, loving and nurturing dogs we’ve ever seen. Narly was adopted by a great young couple earlier this year and several months later they adopted a little sister for him, also an abuse victim. Narly, used to suffering and misery, took her under his wing and helped his humans to make life wonderful for her also.

Thank You! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Brad Pitt was 5 to 6 months old when he was found running the streets. Exuberant and full of a puppy mischief, he was quite a challenge. Tossed around to different foster homes, all of whom he alienated, he soon ended up in a very abusive situation that would have ended his life before it even began. But once again his luck held. He was rescued again and this time he was sent off to doggy boot camp where he got some discipline under his doggie belt and with proper obedience training and socialization he became a perfect little gentleman. And recently his luck culminated in adoption to a wonderful family complete with two doggie girlfriends. What more can a boy want! Oh yeah, a name change! Tataaaah! How do you like Butters? That’s short for Butterscotch. Yum! Delish! Great name, huh? Good Luck young man! You’ve hit the gold mine of love.

Thank You! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Lady & Rusty

Lady & Rusty Lady and Rusty, ahhh the love birds! They are the quintessential Lady and the Tramp. They found themselves homeless and separated when their family lost their home. For months they were tossed from one foster situation after another. Along the way Lady was shot in the head by an unhappy neighbor when she was allowed to run loose instead of being leash walked. It was a close call and for a while it caused her to be deaf. As time went, first Rusty, then Lady found their way to Silver Rescue. But before Lady came to us, Rusty was adopted to his forever home. His new family was wonderful he was in heaven! Life couldn’t get any better and we thought that was a pretty good ending to the story of Rusty. In the meantime Lady came to us and as luck would have it, Rusty’s mom saw Lady on our web site. She had no intention of adopting another dog. She was just cruisin’ and seeing what Silver Rescue was up to. It had to be fate. When she found out that Lady was Rusty’s old playmate there seemed to be no choice but for them to adopt her too. Today the love birds are happily reunited. Forever.

Thank You! We couldn’t have done it without you!


Russell Russell showed up at our door step shy and afraid. He was afraid of lots of things. He was afraid to be picked up. He was afraid of the cats. He was afraid of this and he was afraid of that. Off we send him to doggy boot camp for socialization and obedience training. What the boy had been through to make him such a scardy cat, we’ll never know, but when he came back he was a different dog. He was self confident and he actually smiled. He accepted everyone unconditionally and proved himself to be a perfect little snuggle bug. Russell found his forever home a few months back. Complete with cats and dogs! But the love of his life is his human daddy – he loves him best of all. This is truly wonderful as he was also afraid of men once upon a time.

Thank You! We couldn’t have done it without your help!


Azul The entire neighborhood loved Azul. All but one, that is. The neighborhood children loved her, her family loved her. She was a great dog. There was just one problem: She did as she pleased without guidance or good manners. One day the scared man lost his cool and he went after Azul with a machete. She had done nothing but get too close to him. He injured her pretty badly but somehow she found the strength to escape before he finished her off. Azul is safe today and just recently her foster family adopted by her. She even has her own cat to dote on. What can be better than that!

Thank You! Without people like you there would have been no hope for her.


Boo BOO’s story outraged you! BOO was only a baby when she was maimed for life. Her abusers had left her blind in one eye. (Read her story here.) BOO has been a little trooper. Her indomitable spirit has carried her through the ordeals of abuse, surgery and painful recuperation. In the end she healed well. That she has only one eye has no bearing on her life. She enjoys the life of a typical rascal kitten and is slowly, yes slowly, growing up into a dignified young lady. Tackling the old ones is still her favorite pastime but she’s hoping to find a forever home that has a yearling kitty rascal to play with someday soon and that’ll make it all better still.

Thank you! Your anger and your love helped us help BOO and have made her life worth living!

There are just a few days left in 2010. Would you consider Silver Rescue as your charity for the year? All donations go directly to Silver Rescue to help rescue cats and dogs; to heal their broken minds and bodies; to socialise them and make them good canine citizens; to foster them and to find them their forever wonderful new families where they will never have to suffer again.

Please help us helm them.
Thank you! We cannot do it without you.

Checks may be sent to Silver Rescue,
PO Box 111888, Nashville, TN 37222.

Merry Christmas and may your New Year be full of Love, Kitty Purrs and Doggie Slobbers!

~ Karina and the Gang



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