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You can help injured dogs receive the medical care they need to recover and find a happy home. Read about our dogs in need below...

Babe Needs Our Help

Babe lay by the side of the road shivering from pain, fright and starvation. Babe is a little American Staffordshire Terrier boy who, like so many of his breed, hasn't been treated all too kindly. He looked so tiny, with his bent legs and thinness. Like a 6 month instead of the 8 month old he seems to be. Babe got very lucky the day a kind lady found him. A little longer and he would not be alive. He was in bad shape. One leg was twisted and the other had an open would and slash up its side, and the outside toe was hanging strangely. What ordeal this boy went through we’ll never know. The kind lady could not afford to help this puppy beyond bringing him home and giving him love. No one could help. All rescues were full. By the time she found us, 3 days had past. Not good for his little bones. Once at the vet, it was determined that the injuries where several days older than that even; perhaps as old as a week. So, this boy had drug himself around for several days already, in horrible pain, starving and afraid.

By now the bones were growing back together, crooked. Young dog's broken bones grow back together fast, crooked or not. But Babe was lucky in that they grew back fairly straight. Because of that we opted not to re-brake the leg. However, the knee cap was twisted and dislocated which caused Babe to twist the leg into an odd position, not allowing him to stand. Left untreated, it would leave him permanently crippled. On the other leg, the odd wound and partially healed slash up his leg seemed foul play rather than a hit and run. The vet could not say for sure, of course. The toe on that side had been broken and was detached from his foot, hanging infected inside the skin. Surgery repaired and re-aligned the knee cap and the leg; the broken toe was amputated and the wound on that foot cleaned and sewed together. Babe went home with pain pills and antibiotics and is healing well with tender loving care. An odd wound on his lower lip is also healing well.

And here is were I have to ask you for help. Because Babe’s Good Samaritan did not have the money Babe needed, she turned to us for help. We had her take the boy to Animal House Veterinary Clinic where rescues get discounted rates. But even so, Babe’s bill came to $506.22. Can you help us pay Babe’s bill? We know times are hard right now, but with these hard economic pressures the abuse to pets has much increased, and money to help them is short or none existent to rescues. If you could help us with just a few dollars, we would much appreciate it. Every donation, no matter how small will go a long way to pay Babe’s bill.

Please donate by credit card to the clinic directly:
Please no checks, they don’t take checks. Tell them it is for Babe under Silver Rescue. Leave your name and address with them and I will send you a tax deductible receipt.
(615) 834-6441
Animal House Veterinary Clinic
223 Largo Dr.
Nashville, TN 37211

A tax deductible receipt will also be sent if donations are sent here:
Silver Rescue
P.O. 111888
Nashville, TN 37222

You can also send a secure donation through PayPal:

Remember to note your donations to Babe.

Babe had a muzzle on at the first vet visit because he growled some in his pain. He was very good the rest of the time and laid very still while they poked and prodded him. Once back home he was happy and felt no pain thanks to the pain pills. The foster mom, called us ecstatically “He’s a different dog. No growling. He‘s all love and kisses." Indeed , he is a wonderful puppy. At 8 months old he has already designated him self primary protector of the baby of the house.

Thank you so very much for your help and consideration!

Buster Loses His Leg

When Buster came to us 3 yrs ago, he was limping and the pad of his paw was a bloody, raw mess and the rest of his leg atrophied and mostly unusable. We thought he might have been a hit and run victim leaving him with a broken and badly mended leg. However, X-rays revealed a much more sinister diagnoses. He was born deformed. Calcium deficiency. He was, almost assuredly, a product of backyard breeding. You know the story. Mother dogs are used as breeding machines to produce one litter after another without benefit of proper vetting, vitamins or food. Their bodies depleted, they are unable to make healthy babies.

For the most part, we've been able to keep Buster in good repair, but recently he re-injured his paw. This time it was different. Normally stoic, he could not hide his pain this time. His paw refused to heal and he began chewing into the open wound, widening and deepening it up to the bone. It was like he was methodically removing the source pain even if it meant chewing off the paw. I have seen my share of open wounds. I have worked as a surgical photographer seeing the raw insides of human beings. I have never been bothered by this. But when I saw what Buster was doing, it brought me to my knees.

Clearly, we were out of choices. It was time to operate. Buster's leg had to be removed. We hoped we would never have to face this. After all, even with a limp the leg was a source of support to his big bully body. Amputation would be hard on him but being still a young and otherwise strong dog, he had a better chance to overcome this trauma now than if he had been older. His good temperament and happy go lucky outlook on life would help see him through it. We were told that many non-bully dogs do not survive such a surgery by more than a few months, the trauma being too great to overcome. The success rate for pit bull dogs, however, was high due to their inherent tolerance for pain. Certainly, Buster had a great tolerance for pain. Regardless of the outcome, we had no choice. His only chance now at a decent life was amputation.

Because of the emergency of his injury, Buster could not wait for us to raise the money for his surgery. Our veterinarian is graciously working with us, allowing us to make payments as we can. So far his bill is $670 for the amputation but Buster has an immune deficiency which causes him to heal slower than he should. To avoid infection and to insure proper healing, he will have to stay at the clinic for a while longer. Boarding costs and medications to see him through it will likely cap the total bill at around $1000 all in all. We have received and paid a $200 donation already.

Please help us pay the remaining $800 of Buster's bill by donating to:

Silver Rescue
P.O. Box 111888
Nashville, TN 37222

Or through PayPal:

Or directly to:

Dr. Rita Tinsley
Animal Clinic of Stewart County
533 Hwy 79
Dover, TN 37058
Please remember to mention Buster for your donation.

Thank you very much!


Our dog adoption fees are $200. This includes spay or neuter, deworming, heartworm testing, and current vaccinations. Our cat adoption fees are $90 (or $150 for 2 cats). This includes spay or neuter, Feline Leukemia testing, FIV testing, deworming, and current vaccinations. The fee also helps us rescue other animals in need.


Silver Rescue is supported solely by donations and adoptions. We have no paid staff and all funds go directly to supporting the animals. We are a registered non-profit with the state of Tennessee, 501(c)3. Your donations are tax deductible, encrypted and safe.

Any size donation would be greatly appreciated and will go directly to saving lives and finding loving homes for animals in need. We average more than 1,000 visitors per month. Imagine what we could do with just $1 per visit! Please donate through the PayPal button below or by mail to: Silver Rescue, PO Box 111888, Nashville, TN 37222.

Does your company have a matching gift program? Many companies will match charitable gifts, increasing the value of your donation to Silver Rescue. Ask your Human Resources Department if your company matches gifts. If so, obtain a matching gift form, fill it out, and mail it to Silver Rescue, PO Box 111888 Nashville, TN 37222. Thank you for your support!


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