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Nashville Paw Cover It's October, National Pit Bull Awareness Month, and our Darrell is honored in Nashville Paw. Darrell made the big time. He is gracing this month's cover! Just look at that handsome boy! Please read his story inside on page 11 and see some of our other featured pets.

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Come Join Us For Pitbull Awareness Day

Pitbull Awareness Day Logo We would like to invite everyone to join us for Pitbull Awareness Day on October 23 from 11 am to 3 pm at 1008-C Woodland Street (near Drifters BBQ along the "alley") in Nashville.

There will be live music, training demonstrations, adopt-a-bulls and more. Bring your dog, pit bull or not, and enjoy the company of those who know the real truth about this widely misunderstood breed. Also, free neuters will be available, but an appointment is required. Please call Jana at (615) 579-7301 to schedule. Spread the word.

Read more about the National Pit Bull Awareness Campaign.

Pretty Boy Blue

Day of Blue's Rescue When Blue was found a little over a year ago, he was running for his life. He appeared to have been used in a back alley pit bull fight and lost. Dogs that loose a fight are often times beaten or otherwise abused. In Blue's case it was a bullet to his head and through his leg. There were likely more attempts on his life, but a moving target is hard to hit.

As is so often true, Blue is wonderfully people friendly and through all the ordeals of pocking and prodding during his many vet examinations, he sat sweetly, kissing his caregivers and wagging his tail. Several vets and no one could figure out what the nasty, pussy wound on his head was all about until one finally decided to look inside the hole and found a 22 lodged in his thick skull. Lucky he had a thick skull but he must have had a humdinger of a headache! Yet, he never complained and he never took it out on his caregivers.

Day of Blue's RescueBlue has healed well since. He has been obedience trained and socialization he didn't receive when he lived with hoodlums. He is ready to go to his new home and his own family. Blue is wonderful with calm females and tiny dogs. Because he was abused with dogs his own size he is a bit afraid of male dogs, so he won't be adopted to larger male dogs. Blue is easy to handle and eager to please. Because Blue has suffered so we want Blue to be adopted to someone with pit bull experience, someone who will love him and also give him proper leadership and protection where he can continue to be the ambassador to his breed.

Because of Blue's past, people are afraid to adopt him. They think that because he was fought, he cannot be rehabilitated. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you've followed the Michael Vick dogs, you know that most of the 50 dogs he fought and abused and terrified, have been rehabilitated, rehomed into loving families, or live peacefully in sanctuaries. Some even became therapy dogs.

Blue was indeed abused, but not by professional dog fighters. He was abused by punks, possibly gangs but it was clear it was more for status than because they knew what they were doing. So, although Blue did not have a good start in life, he was indeed lucky for the ignorance of his abusers who left him in better shape than he would have been with the hard core professionals. Like most abused dogs, Blue is a grateful for his second chance. He forgave his abusers and went right on loving everyone in his wake.

Blue Has HealedOctober is National Pit Bull Awareness Month. There will be many functions across the nation, possibly in your own town. Attend one of those and meet a pit bull. Learn what wonderful dogs they are and maybe adopt one to love and keep safe. Blue is one of those still looking for his own family. Contact us if you're interested in such a love. Look at our website for others just as special. And if you're not able to physically adopt a bully, maybe you can do a virtual adoption and become a monthly donor to your bully of choice.

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Consider a modest donation in Blue's name to help us cover the cost of his care. Your support will allow us to continue to offer hope to animals who must not only overcome being homeless or abandoned, but must also defeat injury and disease. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit and all donations are tax deductible.

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DRUM ROLE PLEASE! Give it up for Peaches!

Peaches Has Recovered Hasn't she turned into the prettiest young lady? We had high hopes for her when she was first rescued after being thrown from moving car. (Read about her rescue.) Then she got very sick and we worried she would not make it after all. But she rallied, picked herself up by her bootstraps, cleaned herself up and began to grow like a weed. And look at her now! She's now healthy, vaccinated and in another month she'll be big enough to be spayed and then up for adoption.

Thank you! Because of You we were able to give her the medical attention she needed and a second chance at a great life.

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