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PeachesThe car slowed down in front of the clinic and threw her out onto the sidewalk. Did they think she would be saved by throwing her out by a clinic? Well, they really did right by her, didn't they?! She was so tiny a passerby first thought she was a piece trash. But she heard the cry as "the piece of trash" bounced on the concrete and skidded and slammed into the wall of the clinic. She cried and hissed and vibrated in fear for hours on end. Although kind hands held her and loved her and tried to make it all better, her ordeal had been great and she would not be consoled. It took almost 24 hours for her to give us a little purr. Have you ever heard a tiny kitten purr? Ah, it makes your heart melt. How could anyone be so mean?

PeachesThe veterinary examination revealed ticks and fleas, but luckily she had no broken bones and seemingly no brain damage. She has road rash but she will heal from that and the fur will grow back prettily. She is about 6 weeks old and only weighs 1 pound. One pound! Her ribs protrude and you can count her spine bones. This should not be so! Her little belly was full; full of worms. She's de-wormed now and we've started her on her first set of vaccinations. She was filthy but we didn't dare put her through more terror and let her clean herself. Her tiny, malnourished body was too little to withstand flea drops yet so we picked them off her one by one while she fussed and purred alternatively.

PeachesIt is sad, but what happened to Peaches is not unusual. Cats of all ages are dumped every day. Some are lucky and are found by kind humans. Some learn to live on their own and turn feral. Many never survive the ordeal. They die of hunger, diseases, are run over by cars, or are prey to other hungry animals.

PeachesPeaches was one of the lucky ones but her ordeal is not over. Although she's safe from further evils in the outside world, her little body is still very weak and susceptible to illness. Since her rescue she's battled fatigue, diarrhea, high fever, lack of appetite. We're not sure of the reason. We have her on antibiotics and that seems to be helping but she has a long way to go. This adorable little girl has an up hill battle before her but we are determined to help her win.

Won’t you help us help her? Please support Silver's Angels Program. Your support is making it possible for Peaches to get the care she needs to grow up into to a healthy, happy adult kitty.

Your donations may be called in directly to:
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Silver Rescue
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Thank you very much for your generosity and kindness!

BOOBOO is making the big time. She will be featured in Nashville Paw in October of this year. The little star is growing like a weed. She's sleek and beautiful. She's taken to sleeping in the big bed with her foster mom, foster kitties and foster doggies. She's the big sister to some new kittens and is teaching them kitten manners. She loves sitting in the window and chattering at a momma Mockingbird feeding her two young. And on Sunday nights, she sits in front of the TV and paws at the giraffes and elephants on The Nature Channel. BOO is doing great, thanks to you! Pick up a copy of the Nashville Paw at one of these locations. If you are interested in adopting BOO, please read more about her here.

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