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Alex in the purple flowers


Spring is here! All of the trees and flowers are awake, blooming or getting ready to burst into fragrant and colorful life.  Even in the areas hardest hit by winter snows, the promise of a new season is in the air.  Traditionally a time for renewed energy and hope, this time of year is no different at Silver Rescue.  We are growing!  Below is our list of opportunities and ways YOU can be involved in making a huge difference in the world.

But first, think about this.  The animals we (and other rescues) take in are the lucky ones, but they represent only a small percentage of homeless, neglected, and abused animals in need.  According to The Humane Society of the United States, over four million dogs and cats are put down each year in US shelters alone. What we want to do is help as many animals as we can as quickly as we can.  

That's where you can help.  Finding forever homes for those dogs and cats that are ready to be adopted means we and those who foster as part of our organization can reach out to more animals who are suffering.  The overwhelming truth is the need far outweighs our ability to help.  

What is your talent?  Are you ready to start this beautiful season with the knowledge that you are offering life and hope where none was present before?  If so, read on, and then contact us at

ADOPT - Open your heart and your home to one of our dogs or cats.  The relationship will enrich your days.

DONATE - Give money and/or goods.  We have many on-going projects with which you can help.

ADVERTISE - If your business can support our efforts, we will work with you to design a custom advertisement in our newsletter or on our web site. 

VOLUNTEER - From working on our property to working on our technical team, you can be a part of what we are doing at Silver Rescue.

PARTICIPATE - Purchase products and services from our advertisers (see sidebar at right) to increase our donations.  Send us questions, ideas, articles and stories. 

PROMOTE - This is one of the easiest ways you can help. Forward our newsletter to your friends and business contacts.  Link to our web site from yours or from your Facebook page.  Talk about what we are doing.  Cheer us on!

Darrell is waiting for you

Remember Darrell, the American Staffordshire Terrier with the dark chocolate eyes?  He is calm and just wants to snuggle.  He enjoys walks and car rides.  He is crate trained, house trained and gets along well with dogs of both sexes, but prefers families.  His best friend here is Lulu, and he would love to be adopted together with her.  He does well with cats, once he is properly introduced, and he quickly learns to accept them as part of his own pack.  Darrell is a joy to have...and he's waiting for you.  Click on his photo to read more of his story. 

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We'd love to have you! Email Karina and let her know how you'd like to help.

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Mikko is coming!By
Mikko Mc Puppers
I was sniffing leafy, green stuff, away from the rowdy dogs, when I saw a woman sitting alone on the steps of the porch. She watched the others lunge and play. They ignored her, but I saw potential.
When she wasn’t looking, I moved to the doormat behind her. It was a great place to watch … until she turned around.
Of course I looked away. That’s what you do when you’re a senior shih tzu and a person makes eye contact. Before I turned, though, I saw the oddest mixture of love and fear on her face. Maybe she’d never had a dog before.
When she turned back to talk to my foster mom, I crept closer. She put her hand out to pet me. It landed on my slobbery chin. “Yuck,” she said, pulling away. I like a person who isn’t clingy.
Later, she fastened my leash, and we walked away from the yipping, charging dogs. I liked strolling with her. I didn’t tug or stop to sniff. I didn’t mess the sidewalk. She didn’t need to know how old I was.
When I heard her say, “This is easy,” I knew I’d found the perfect person to take me home.
Mikko McPuppers likes snoozing, sniffing, and eating his person’s veggies.  

Lynn's book for caregiversHis person, B. Lynn Goodwin is the owner and editor of Writer Advice, and the author of You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers. She writes for and when she’s not walking, feeding, or petting Mikko. 


Walk your cat with the Kitty Holster!Okay, I watch too much television. 
I admit it.  However, I've found some good information there...and some great products.  Take the Kitty Holster, for example, featured recently on CBS Sunday Morning.  Well, in the first place, anyone who can get a cat to walk on a leash has earned my respect.  But this product, manufactured by the Crazy K Farm Pet and Poultry Products, LLC, does this in style...and with consideration for both cats and people.  I see here ease of use, comfort and, most important of all, safety.

And there's more...with their 
Hen Saver® hen apron, Avian Haven® hut for parrots and other caged birds as well as their Kitty Holster® cat harness. 

I'm especially partial to the Avian Haven hut because I like saying the name, but since I have neither hens nor birds to save or house, let's get back to the Kitty Holster.

Holster is a good word for the protective wrap of Crazy K's cat harness (Can you tell I love alliteration?).  It's designed to fit snugly but comfortably and really does protect a cat from danger outside and from injury due to sudden tugs from the leash when you want to go in one direction and your cat takes off in another.  And you thought you could never enjoy walking your cat through the neighborhood.

Speaking of your dreams, let's say you have always wanted to have an indoor, free-range chicken or three.  This Hempstead, Texas, company has you more ways than one with their Hen Holster, a chicken diaper/harness. 

While I was on the company's Web site,
 I had to look at pages for the Birdy Bra Crop Supporter Chest Protector, too.  These serve a real purpose...and I bet the animals involved appreciate that, too.

So saddle up those chickens, take both hen and cat for a walk, and think about what you can do to be as creative as the folks at the Crazy K Farm. "Where there's a will, there's a way" is an old saying that means people will use their ingenuity to solve problems...and they really seem to know that in Texas. 

  Kitty Holster on the go!




Kitty Holster photos used by permission:


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