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Together Again... And Still In Love

Rusty & Lady Lady and Rusty were rescued by a Good Samaritan who could not properly care for them. They were bonded friends. It was painful to see them separated. Rusty was originally found left to die in a paper bag by the side of the road when he was just a teeny puppy. Lady was taken in when her previous owners could no longer care for her. Now it was happening all over again. Victims of the bad economy, the Good Samaritan, Rusty, and Lady had to go their separate ways.

During the next year they were fostered by multiple families with varying degrees of good and bad care and Lady was shot in the head, which left her temporarily deaf. Each eventually found their way into our care but always without each other. Rusty was adopted first. He finally had his forever family complete with a little girl and a Miniature Schnauzer named Lovie. We thought that was the end of Rusty's story.

Lady was still waiting for her forever family. She was considered for adoption several times but the right family just hadn't come along. Enter Rusty's new family. "What about us? Would Lady like to be reunited with Rusty?" WOW! Could this be true? It was. Five months after Rusty was adopted and 14 months after they were first separated, Lady and Rusty were reunited. Yes, together again... and still in love. They will never be separated again.

Spot Fights For Her Life

Spot Takes A Ride"Hot diggedy, we're going to Atlanta!"

Yup, this is Spot checking out the scenery on Interstate 75. Spot was on her way for a last ditch effort to save her life.

Spot was getting progressively thinner and thinner. No diagnosis could be found. Not for months! She ate everything in sight and still she kept losing weight. She appeared to be dying in front of our eyes and we were helpless to help her. Blood tests, urine tests, more of the same, and some more still. Nothing! No answers! It was excruciating. By the time she was sick enough for the blood tests to finally reveal her illness, she was a bag of bones. Her eyes protruded from her skull. At 12 years old, she weighed 4lbs, about the same as a four month old kitten only without the kitten/baby fat.

SpotShe had Hyperthyroidism.

Immediate plans were made to schedule her for the cure treatment. She didn't have much time left. X-rays and more blood tests were performed to see if she could withstand the Radioactive Iodine treatment and come out cured at the other end. There was light at the other end of the tunnel and they promised us it was bright. Yet, while we waited for everything to be in place for her to go to Atlanta, she stopped eating. More weight loss. How much more could she endure?!? Appetite stimulator pills were stuffed down her throat. The pitiful little girl hated to see us coming and she began to hide out and avoid us.

Finally the day came to travel the 250 miles to Atlanta. They were waiting for her. She purred. It was such a sweet sound. She so loved being loved on. We were on the road back home when we got the call. She sustained the vaccination well, was eating and happily enjoyed all the attention she was getting. A sigh of relief. In 3 days we could go back and pick her up. And in a month we would know if the treatment worked.

SpotHyperthyroidism is difficult to diagnose but it can be treated and it can be cured. One cure is surgery but the growth on the thyroid must be palpable before it can be removed. The growth on Spot's thyroid was not yet big enough to feel and she could not wait. The other cure is Radioactive Iodine Therapy. It came highly recommended and we knew we had no choice but to give her that. This treatment, just like the surgery is expensive but we received the rescue rate which cut the cost almost in half. Spot still has a lot of good years ahead of her, a lot of life to live and a lot of love to give. Silver Rescue could not let her die without a fighting chance. With your help we are able to save her life. Thank you!

Spot still owes $700 of her $1000 bill. May we ask for your donation to help Spot continue to pay her bill?

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