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 Circle Of Hope K9 Rescue  is dedicated to rescue and placement of unwanted companion animals.  Based in rural West Tennessee, Circle Of Hope K9 Rescue has helped hundreds of companion animals find loving forever homes all across the country and Canada. Our rural pets who often find themselves in life threatening situations are wonderful loving animals that often only need love, compassion and training to make them an incredibly awesome family pet or best friend.

Volunteers across our rural county and New England have joined together to save animal lives in danger. Although COHK9 focuses on dog rescue and adoption we will help whatever companion animal comes within our ability to help.

 Our Adoptable Dogs  come almost exclusively from Gibson County, TN. They are removed from kill shelters, country roads, abandoned homes, wooded areas and many other places they are left to fend for the themselves.


Circle Of Hope K9 Rescue saves animals of all shapes and sizes - purebred and mixed breed - all quite lovable! We begin with a quarantine period of no less than 14 days for a puppy coming into our program. During this time they are watched, loved and cared for. Vaccines, de-worming and socialization are begun and any medical needs are met as well. All animals are altered, given age appropriate vaccines, de-wormed, heartworm tested and wear either Frontline Plus or Advantix for flea control. No intact animal will go to a new home without the afore mentioned procedures unless there is a medical reason.

Often we see dogs with no socialization at all. We consider ourselves a temporary step in a better life. We cannot always give each animal individual training but we do try to the best of our ability to get them started and on their way to being a loving family member.

COHK9 does not have a facility. We work solely from volunteer foster homes. This limits us on space for incoming animals in need and we often must refuse an animal in need. We are always looking for foster homes.  Each placement into a foster or adoptive home makes it possible for us to rescue another dog who may otherwise face the end of its life alone and unloved in a shelter or at risk of starvation by the side of the road.

 If you would like to help  but are unable to adopt a dog at this time, please consider joining our Circle Of Hope Foster Families or making a donation to an organization that helps homeless animals.  Contributions to Circle Of Hope K9 Rescue are gratefully accepted and may be made via paypal or by check mailed to:
Circle of Hope K9 Rescue
PO Box 624
Milan, TN 68358
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Circle Of Hope K9 Rescue
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